Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem #410

Poems galore today :)

Broken Night

The calm of the quiet black is thrust aside.
The stillness of the world sans light is shattered.
Little bits and pieces come falling down,
Silent as their sharp edges hit the ground.

Razor sharp were the words you spoke,
Slicing through all that stood in their path.
The stars no longer glitter up high,
And the hours feels like they shall never go by.

You sent the whole world spinning, reeling,
And we wonder if it shall ever be whole once more.
But without a thought, without a care,
You left us, never to return there.

You left us here to live in turmoil.
We cannot escape, there's not a thought of fleeing.
To this world, my heart is bound,
And in my ears, I hear it's beats resound.

So we sit in wait, and pray for light,
For he came in and broke the night.

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