Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem #413

I'm slowly catching up! I hope you are all enjoying the many poems I've posted the last few days! I will definitely hope to get them up more consistently now that I'm feeling better. :)

Lost Promises
You rambled off promises, drawing me in,
Thinking it was the best way.
You tried to bend me to you will,
Wrap me around your finger and string me on,
With those pledges of glorious things.
Making yourself seem like all I ever wished for,
Wanting to give me all I ever dreamed.
You created a world, a persona,
And was I drawn wholeheartedly into it.
And when that mythical life failed,
When the delusion came shattering down around us,
You tried to lie your way out, though I knew the truth.
How heartless you were, to lead me on,
How cold and selfish, only thinking about you.
You never truly cared for me,
I never knew who you were.
But I am guilty too, just as much as you.
Oh how I wanted all of this to become real,
I played along, and when it all went wrong,
The one thing neither of us considered,
Was that we would lose ourselves as well.

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