Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #418

Another poem :)

Only One Night
There’s only one night,
One night to create memories,
For us to be by each other’s side,
Holding on as if to never let go.
One last night,
Before our life is taken away,
Stolen so harshly from our grasp.
We stretch out the memories as long as we can,
Making sure that we will never forget them.
One more night,
For our world to stay the same,
Before change comes in and shatters the delicate balance,
Ruining everything we have worked so hard for.
I want it all back, everything I loved.
The final night,
For life to stay the same as it was before,
Before the tides of change tear our love apart at the seams.
Running ahead with no thought to us, no care,
And leaving a wave of destruction in its wake.
Only one more night,
And we’ll never see each other again.

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