Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #419

Getting closer to begin caught up :) keep your fingers crossed and keep looking out for more poems :)

Washing over you, flooding in,
Water engulfing your entire body.
Entering your mouth, scratching at your throat,
And stopping the air from entering you lungs.
Swelling all around your head,
You plunge deeper into the icy depths,
As the water sends sharp, frozen daggers,
Piercing into your skin, your chest.
Drawing in a breath only brings more pain.
Lungs throbbing against your chest,
As they desperately beg for more air.
Arms fly out in all directions, legs kicking against the tide,
Attempting to push up, back up to the saving grace of air.
But no matter how hard the body tries to escape,
You cannot escape the water prison,
A place which is to forever be your home.

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