Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #421

Only five more and I'm caught up!! yay :)

Left Behind
Feeling forgotten, stuck in one place,
And I know you’re never coming back for me.
I miss you; think of you every day,
And picture your face in my mind.
I try to shake the feeling,
The feeling that I’ll see you come walking through that door once more.
The feeling that things will change, back to normal,
And you will come back here, take me along with you.
But my life has come to a standstill,
I’m stuck here, no way out and no way home.
Please don’t leave me behind.
I’ve lost all that I’ve ever loved,
As they moved on without me.
You tease me, you taunt me,
Act like you know everything about the way I feel.
But you never will, and you’ll never know,
How desperately I want to come back to the world,
How I want to move on, just as you are.
How much it hurts me to see you, progressing in life,
See the happiness that I should be feeling right now,
And knowing that I can’t continue on,
That I am stopped in this rut, trapped deep inside.
You pretend to understand, but you don’t.
So I just sit where I always am,
Watching the world run on without me,
Seeing everything rush by,
And not being able to stop it so I can take part,
So I can catch up and no longer be left in the dust.

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