Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #423

Hope you guys have been enjoying all of the poems that I've posted to day :) just a few more and i'm completely caught up :)

Beautiful flowers, dotting the grass.
Soft buds of floral beauty.
Smelling so sweet, smiling up at you,
As the compliment the vivid green stretching out around.
The wild expanse of fields and rolling hills,
They adorn every inch of the ground below you.
I bend down into the waves of color,
Reaching my hand into their welcoming embrace.
I curl my fingers around one stem,
Carefully plucking the flower from its home among the rest,
And tuck it behind my ear, behind the auburn locks.
And I stand amid the flowers as the wind bends them back,
With the warm, spring air filling my lungs,
And I’m completely at peace.

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