Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #424

Almost caught up but most likely I'll have to post one or two tomorrow.

I cannot believe a word you say,
And I use to trust you more than anyone.
But you build up a world that wasn’t real,
Falsehoods to draw me into you.
You were the only one to brighten my day,
Pull me out of the darkness which held me captive.
I was hurting and you rescued me from the pain,
With the story I believed to be the truth.
But soon those lies became so clear to me.
I realized you weren’t what you said you were,
And my heart felt like it would break in two,
Because I had put so much hope in you.
It killed me inside to see what you did,
Realize that all I had known was fake.
You didn’t truly care for me as I thought,
You tossed me aside like I was worth nothing,
Threw hurtful words right into my face.
In your eyes, I suddenly became trash.
But what truly hurts me the most,
Is the fact that I still care for you.

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