Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #425

Only one more until I'm caught up and back on track after this hectic month :)

Calling Home
Many years ago I said so long,
Now I’m reconnecting with the place I belong.
I’m gathering the courage I need to call,
The place where my life began to fall.
So much pain, so many trials,
And I have run so many miles,
To escape the memories of before,
But now they’re knocking at my door.
The thoughts I tried to get out of my mind,
Are the very things that bind,
Me to the place that I should be,
With all my loving family.
And I miss the days I once was there,
And all the memories that we share.
Some times were bad and other good,
But I’ve finally realize what I knew I should.
I belong back home with those I love,
And in the life I’m so proud of.

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