Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #426

Yay all caught up :) Thank you all for bearing with me this month; it's been a tough month for me. But hopefully things will continue to get better and the coming months will bring consistent poems :)

I Promise
I promise, my love, that you are my only,
My heart and my soul, they are one with you.
Nothing can ever break us apart;
The bonds we share are too strong to destroy.
I promise that our whole world is true,
Nothing will ever break it down.
We live in a life so solid, built on our deepest feelings,
And purer than anything else on this earth.
We’ve built up a tough exterior around ourselves,
Protecting us from the thoughts and words of others.
The only thing that matters is the way we feel.
I promise that we are each other’s to have and to hold,
There for each other through thick and thin.
Whatever life decides to throw our way,
No matter the hurdles and trials on the path,
We will always be there to pick the other back up,
And get back on the right path.
And I promise that you will never hear,
A single falsehood ever spill from these lips.
Every spoken word holds so much power,
And each of mine holds truth.
So I promise, dear one, that I will keep this,
Hold this pledge in my heart forevermore.
Until the end of time, the end of all,
My heart is bound to yours.


  1. This is too sweet. <3
    I love your poetry.

  2. So beautiful, I am touched, it sounds like a wedding vow:) Thanks for sharing.