Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poem #457

Not My Life
I deny every fact that tries to prove it true,
Because I feel the truth should come from my heart.
This world is not where I’m meant to be,
So why have I been forced in here?
I don’t fit into the life I’m supposed to lead,
I’m the wrong piece of the puzzle.
I’ve been hammered into this place by force,
But not once has someone accepted me.
Alien being to this planet, this civilization,
Because I don’t fall in with the typical crowd.
They’ve tried so hard to straighten me out,
To send me down the path they have chosen for me.
But that life mimics the dreams they once had,
The ones shattered by the twists and turns.
They want me to live the way they wished to,
Follow their dreams and ambitions, not my own.
And I can’t escape, free myself from this jail.
This is not my life; it never can or will be.
No matter how many times you repeat it,
This life will never be mine.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Poem #456

A stereotype, you’re always the same,
And you constantly join in on the in-crowd game.
With wrinkle-free clothes and perfect hair,
To stray away is something you won’t dare.
Why don’t you escape, be someone new,
And not let others show you how to be you.
You’re not your own person if you keep on like this,
And meeting the real you is something we’ll miss.
Your life would be happy if only you’d try,
To break free of those people you try to satisfy.
If only you’d work on being yourself,
Dust yourself off that stereotype shelf.
Then maybe you’ll see the world you miss,
When you insist on behaving like this.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poem #455

Moving around that gets your spirits up.
Owning your body and mind completely.
Taking you up into your feet, newly energized.
Instinct makes you follow the will of the feeling.
Very strong, good for the heart and soul.
A stimulation feeling to get you on the move.
The strength, the will, to do whatever you set your mind to.
Initializing an excitement to do what you like.
Ongoing feelings that bring joy to your heart.
Never-ending, in makes you feel wonderful to have,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poem #454

Wild Side
I’m about to show a side of me,
One no one’s seen before.
Since you don’t know this part of me,
You won’t know what’s in store.
I want to feel wild and free this time,
Break out of this boring routine.
And as my excitement and spirits climb,
You’ll understand exactly what I mean.
I get to really enjoy the world,
All the way to the fullest extent.
My older life has come unfurled,
And this joy will never relent.
You’ve finally seen a new side of me,
The one reminiscent of a child.
But I think we all want to be,
A little bit childish and wild.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Poem #453

It’s all in how one interprets the details.
Notice every possible line, dot, shape.
Thoughts running deep within the heart, mind, and soul.
Every puzzling question is answered in your head.
Relentless flow of new, undiscovered ideas.
Point of view that’s unique to each new pair of eyes.
Revealing the elements, all the points of interest.
Evoking new feelings, powerful mental images.
Touching on all the emotions pushed deep inside.
Aspects will vary with each new viewer.
Tentative thoughts turn strong and sure.
Inventing new worlds, wonderful fantasies of the mind.
Outpouring of suggestions, different possible meanings.
Never-ending amounts of creativity when it’s up to your,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poem #452

No Boundaries
There are no boundaries between you and me,
Which shows that our love was meant to be.
The bond between us cannot break.
There are many trials it can take.
No matter the path of life we choose,
Our love is the one thing we can never lose.
Even when we are not too near,
It always feels like you’re still here.
There’s no limit to the length of our love.
Wherever we are, it still soars like a dove.
It pulls us through all of life’s trials,
And it never pays any attention to miles.
The love between us stretches far and wide,
And always keeps you by my side.
Because there are no boundaries to close us in,
And our life together can finally begin.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poem #451

Breaking down and falling apart,
Torn beyond repair at the very seams.
I tumble to the ground, landing so hard.
The shards of my former self turn into dust,
Blowing off into the distance with one light wind.
I am swept up like last week’s trash,
As if I never mattered one iota.
Tossed aside, forgotten and lost from the world,
Yet no one notices my crumbled remains.
I waited to be picked up from where I lay,
Pieced back together by some kind soul.
But nothing comes from all my desperate hopes and prayers.
I crumbled down, beyond all recognition,
And now I can never be saved.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem #450

Running From Life

I'm running from my life, the world, the pain.
No point in staying here; there's nothing to gain.
The love of my family and friends kept me here,
But now I've been here too long, I fear.
This world is so big and I am so small,
And mostly I feel like I'm nothing at all.

So I'll run as far as I can,

Leaving the typical life of man,
Straight to a new and distant land,
Which will welcome me, reach out a hand.
As I run further from my life,
I finally depart from every strife.

Toward a place, somewhere to call my own,

A life in which I will never feel alone.
I fly through the air, a colorful streak,
Toward some place where I'll be free to speak.

My heart pounds hard in my chest,

Begging my body to let it rest.
But I know I must press on and be strong,
So I can make it to the place where I belong.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Poem #449

I got this idea from one of my all time favorite songs :)

The aftermath, the calm proceeding the storm.
Broken memories, ruined treasures, are scattered around.
Thoughts of home are all that's left,
Since nothing more stands strong through the beating.
The weathered remains of a lonely face,
Stand, searching, amid the vast expanse of nothingness,
Waiting, watching for a new place to belong.
Lost souls floating through the air,
Being whisked along by the gentle breeze,
Which has taken no notice of the fallen world.
The shattered peace begs to somehow be mended,
Seeking closure, an explanation for everything unknown.
But I promise that all will be okay,
As we pull together as one.
The pain has been caused, the damage done,
But nothing will ever be beyond repair.
Don't give up hope; push forward, be strong,
For brighter days lie within your reach.
Stretch out and grab that light that shines forth,
To pull you from the sorrow of the aftermath.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poem #448

I Can See It

I can see it all in your eyes,
There's no need to speak a word.
And even after our feeble tries,
There will never be harmony in our chord.

I can feel it in the way you stare,
It makes my stomach churn.
But there's no way I could ever prepare,
To long for you and yearn.

I waste away with ever glance,
My heart stops in my chest.
And I will never stand a chance,
At being your only, your best.

But I can tell you think of me,
Maybe many times each day.
No matter what, I can clearly see,
You love me anyway.

Through thick and thin our love stands true,
This I know for sure.
And whatever happens, whatever we do,
You're the one I'll always adore.

For I can see it in your eyes,
The way you look at me.
After all this time, I'm growing wise,
For I see that we're meant to be.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem #447

Test Of Strength
This life is just a test of strength,
And job with no purpose I can see.
It brings me down, never raises me up,
And I watch everyone from my place on the ground.
I wish I understood exactly what life was meant to be,
So I wouldn't wander around, seeking answers,
And never knowing where I'm going; aimlessly walking.
If it's a test, I'm failing quite horribly,
Nothing ever seems to go right.
I can't fit in; I don't belong here.
And the pressure begins to weigh me down.
I can't bare so much on my crushed shoulders.
Life has left me with a broken heart, spirit, and mind,
Leaving a black hole inside my body,
Ready to suck in whatever or whoever comes too close.
Is this what was meant to be?
And if so, why did this happen to me?
This test of strength has worn me down,
Into a dust that's barely recognizable.
But I've lived enough to find companionship,
Loving family and friends who will stick by me.
So this struggle was all worthwhile.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Poem #446

Ten More Days
Ten more days to make memories,
Create times of joy together.
Nine more days to experience the world,
See everything I never thought I would.
Eight more days to breathe in the smells of life,
The wafting perfumes of the entire earth.
Seven more days to show you I love you,
To be in your warm, strong embrace.
Six more days to hold onto your hand,
To feel the comforting squeeze you always give me.
Five more days to smile, to laugh,
To join in the joyfulness all around us.
Four more days to feel those feelings,
The ones which hold my heart on its wild ride.
Three more days to taste the many tastes,
The flavors of the entire world around us.
Two more days to show them I care,
To let them know how much I love them.
One more day to see your face,
Memorize each and every detail,
So I can hold onto you wherever I go.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poem #445

Acrostic :)

Joyous celebration with smiling faces.
Utter satisfaction and full of complete bliss.
Boosting your mood in a colorful flash of excitement.
Inventing creative ways to express this feeling.
Lifting the spirit as high as it can go,
And keeping you floating peacefully among the clouds.
Nostalgic times as you look back on these memories.
The happiness has filled your entire soul.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poem #444

Another love and hope poem :)

Who Cares?
Who cares what I do in my life?
How I struggle to remain on the right path,
And make it through each day unscathed.
Does anyone pay attention to what is wrong?
How I’m falling deeper into darkness,
Breaking apart with each passing second.
Does anyone consider reaching out?
Grabbing my hand to pull me back,
And save me from what threatens to swallow me whole.
I need to find someone who cares,
Someone to rescue me from the recesses of my mind,
And whisk me away, back into the light.
Who cares enough to not let me live like this?
Who cares enough to hold me close, comfort me?
Who cares enough to save my life?
He gently, timidly, turns to me and whispers,
“I do.”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poem #443

Going The Distance

The miles pile on, the distance lengthening,
And our relationship is in desperate need of strengthening.
But I’m willing to go the distance,
If it means I can be with you.

My body is weary and my feet are aching,
But the pain is nothing compared to my heart breaking.
But I’m still traveling the distance,
If it means I can be with you.

I stumble and my eyes blur the road before me,
To the point where I can just barely see.
But I keep walking the distance,
Since it means I can be with you.

The vision of your face, the feel of your embrace,
Fills up my head’s empty, dark space.
And I run the distance,
Because I know I can be with you.

Energy and joy rushes into my heart,
As I realize that we will no longer be apart.
And I fall into your arms,
Because I have gone the distance so I can be with you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Poem #442

Secret Whispers
Words as sharp as knives puncture the air,
Piercing through the calm and shattering the peace.
All pleasant feelings are sucked into oblivion,
Replaced by a dark cloud of hate, uncalled for anger.
The whispers carry secrets to break the heart,
Destroy the trust of those around you.
It affects the minds, the spirits of those near and far,
Yet not a single one is thought about before release.
Carelessly flooding out of wide open mouths,
Into the open ears of anyone who will listen.
Those secret whispers, they spread the word,
Whether the information is fact or fiction.
They pique the curious nature of the world,
But not without causing pain,
Leaving a path of destruction in its wake.
These whispers are louder than you think they are.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poem #441

Seeking The Light
Desperately searching for the beacon ahead,
The flare of brightness that will bring me to peace.
Stumbling around in the dark I’ve created,
Tripping of the boulders of memories that weigh me down.
The last white wisps of the spirit I once had, linger,
Floating upward in the quest to escape along with the others.
And I push up after them,
Determined to break out into the world they’ve entered.
I need to find that light I know is up there,
Let it engulf me in its warm embrace,
And finally bring me out of this torment and pain.
But I float in the realm of confusion and deadness,
Which tosses me around in its numbing cold,
As I continue seeking the light.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poem #440

Hearts Collide
Two open hearts crash together,
Setting of a spark and engulfing themselves in joy.
Two hearts, ready for each other,
Willing to fall into a love so deep,
Attracted together through a powerful force.
Two beating hearts collide,
Bringing to souls together, uniting as one.
Freezing all life and times,
And drowning out everything around them.
Two hearts that were made for each other,
Sent on the path planned out for them,
Seeking that connection, their destiny.
They will not rest until they have arrived,
At the place where their beloved one stands.
And two hearts, blooming with love,
Enter a world of peace, paradise.
Restoring all faith, hope, and joy to their spirits,
As the come to rest in their new life,
The place they have been tirelessly searching for.
The place they will call home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Poem #439

I always love writing poems about love!! :)

Something Like Love
I held your hand in that white, silk glove,
And I began to think this was something like love.
You made my heart pound the walls of my chest,
Never stopping, never giving me a rest.
My knees felt weak, threatened to give out,
And I knew immediately what this feeling was about.
We danced in the silvery light of the moon,
A memory I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
The glint of your eyes, the feel of your touch,
Made me realize I don’t feel like this much.
Something about you stands out in my mind,
Your loving embrace and a heart so kind.
Grasping your hand, holding on so tight,
As we step outside into the light.
You make my soul soar high like a dove,
And now I’m sure this is something like love.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poem #438

New poem :)

Shattering Mirrors
Delicate panes that stand tall and wide,
Glaring menacingly into the deepest realms of your body.
They reflect the present, the past,
The times you just want to put behind you.
Nothing to hide behind, nowhere to run.
It yanks the truth from the deepest of hiding places.
No denying reality, you can’t lie to its face,
It sees right through you; it knows the truth.
Flashing back an image torn apart,
Destroyed and painful to look at.
But you cannot avert your eyes,
They are locked on this spectacle.
Spreading anger through your veins,
Bringing tears to your eyes, both from rage and joy.
Somehow it knows how to penetrate deep into your soul.
With one glance, it rips you to pieces.
Push with all your might, iron impact,
And shards rain down, lines creasing the flawless surface.
How could something so delicate, so seemingly harmless,
Cause so much destruction within the heart?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poem #437

Rhyming time :) You know, after I write a rhyme, I've noticed that I can't stop rhyming for at least an hour afterward! haha :)

Crystal Clear
You led me down a path; I turned a blind eye.
I never watched all the streets that went by.
The right turns to take, but not on my way,
Because I had you here, begging me to stay.
You plied me with words in a sweet and meaningful tone,
And now, after listening, I walk on my own.
The ghosts of your promises echo in my head,
Though I wish I could think of something happier instead.
I gave up everyone and everything that I knew,
Because you said you wanted me with you.
You said everything would be perfect, it all would be fine.
But my heart’s reluctance should’ve been a sign.
I should’ve put up more of a fight,
Tried to convince you what was wrong and right.
I reach for the stars to find what I’ve lost,
To push through the pain that our actions have cost.
Over and over again in my mind,
I replay our moments, not all of them kind.
And as I look back, through the thick and the thin,
I realize I should never have let you in.
From what I know now, it’s all crystal clear;
You only told me what I wanted to hear.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poem #436

I've had the chance to think up lots of new ideas for poems :) This will definitely help me finish this second year! It's getting so much harder to think up a topic. If anyone has suggestions for what I should write about, definitely let me know :)

Breathing Ice
As I drawn in a deep breath,
I am greeted with a surprise of unwanted air.
My throat rejects it, try to push it away,
But my lungs reach out to grab what they require most.
Cold, sharp nails pierce my chest,
Breaking through to the deepest layers of my soul.
Violating my heart, invading my peaceful body,
Which had been at rest just moments before.
An ice engulfs my breath,
Making my pulse speed up in a panic.
It freezes all movement inside me,
Sending my mind into a silent turmoil.
Halting the proceedings of my life,
So I am left, hanging in the dark balance of my world,
A world without sights or sounds.
A world where I cease to exist.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Poem #435

Another fun love rhyme :)

Flying On Love
We are gliding and soaring throughout the sky,
Watching the buildings as they fly on by.
Away from this world, we journey our own way,
Imagining the possibilities of each new day.
Gaze from the platform, our usual perch,
And throw ourselves forward with a sudden lurch,
Into and new life waiting ahead.
There's no other place we can go instead.
It welcomes us in with it's warm embrace,
Inviting us to make use of the vast, open space.
Our hearts beat in rhythm, as steady as can be,
And I know for sure that you belong with me.
In this new world, nothing can break us apart.
This is where are true journey will start.
Spreading our arms, as gorgeous as a dove,
We are flying through the air on the wings of love.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poem #434

Yay another poem! :P haha not sure what to say about it! ENJOY :) If you guys have any suggestions for poem topics, please let me know :)

Lost in the vast space of my mind.
Closed in, lacking the fresh air I need to survive,
As the darkness surrounds me,
Absent of any sound, smell, feeling.
Completely silent; completely numb.
Nothing and no one to show me the right path to take,
Nothing at all in the large empty space.
Silence creeps in, taking over my body,
And sending a chill running throughout my system.
No source of light, no one to turn to,
Nothing that resembles a route of escape.
All unfamiliar, confusion sweeps over me,
Stopping my heart and the rush of my mind.
And as I begin to run forward, panic flooding through me,
I begin to fall, tumbling head over heels,
Deep into the oblivion of my life.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poem #433

Another new acrostic!! :)

Unheard words that float in the mind,
Never exiting the lips which hold them back.
Silence that weighs heave on ones shoulders.
Piercing the atmosphere yet going unnoticed.
Overwhelmed with the uncertainty of what you have to say.
Killing you quietly inside as the sentence lie in wait.
Everyone has unspoken thoughts and feelings, but,
Nothing should forever remain,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem #432

New poem! :) hope you've all been enjoying them so far :) This one is a sort of metaphorical poem that I think a lot of you might be able to relate to. Enjoy!

My Jail
The strong, iron bars, a menacing black,
Trap me inside myself, never giving in.
They keep me locked up, cut off from life,
In this jail I have built up around myself.
I can’t speak the truth, can’t see the ones I love.
There is no possibility of telling them what has gone wrong.
I bottle up all my feelings deep within me,
Giving no one the chance to save me.
These words, these thoughts, are what hold me hostage.
They are the foundation of the prison,
The very fibers that build the bars and keep them sturdy.
I grab at them, pushing and pulling,
Throwing myself, my mind, against the weakest point I can find.
I get the courage to talk, speak to those I know will care.
The bars will creak, threatening to break,
So close to the point of freedom.
I reach for the future, the light ahead.
But before long, the bars snap back into place,
Launching me right back to where I began,
And forcing me to sit alone in the darkness,
Thinking about what could’ve been,
If only I was strong enough to break out of my jail.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poem #431

Finally! Blogger is back up and running and they restored my posts! :)

In an instant, I completely disappear.
Never seen, never heard, never felt.
Visibility is left up to the imagination,
In your mind, picturing what should be right in front of you.
Slipping from the grasp of this world,
I spiral into a life I should not be comfortable living.
But no matter how hard I try to be seen,
Let them know that I’m still here, I still need them,
Everyone seems to believe that I am,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poem #430

Another fun rhyme :) Been doing a huge amount of writing lately and I feel great :) finally getting back into the swing of things :)

Miles To Go
I’ve got miles to go and no end in sight.
My road is lit by stars at night.
I’ve traveled long roads up and down,
While leaving a trail along the ground.
I’m running on empty with miles to go.
Where you are is farther than a stone’s throw.
But I would travel far and wide,
If only I could be back by your side.
I tried so hard to make you stay,
Yet you were determined to go away.
Though you did this, I know you still care,
Even when this large distance is there.
I couldn’t forget you; I know it was fate,
So I had to make this journey before it was too late.
And I know if I try, I will find you one day,
Even though you are miles away.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poem #429

I wrote this poem based off of a song that's called "Silent Screams". I thought the concept of a silent scream would be a wonderful idea for a poem.

Silent Screaming

Words flowed out of my lips,
But not one thought crossed my mind.
Body numb, heartbeat ceased,
I stumbled aimlessly in the darkness of my head.

A language unknown was all that I heard,
Voice fumbling around for the right word.
Nothing intelligible could be found,
So I opened my mouth wide.

Pushing with full strength,
A rush of air escaped my lungs.
My head spun through the empty, black space.
Yet not a sound came out.

Panic followed this unsuccessful act,
Sending my thoughts reeling.
My lungs clenched tight, closing up,
As I continued to push against the barricade.

I screamed silently.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Poem #428

I was interviewed on inkpop (the writing site i'm on) :) here's a link to the interview if you want to read it: http://inkpop.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/inkpopper-of-the-week-ariwriter/

A Cry For Help

I cried out for your help,
With my heart, soul, and body.
You watched me go under,
Not bothering to reach out and save me.

I screamed for your love.
My eyes betrayed every feeling,
Every need for someone to care.
But you only watched my suffering.

I choked on your unkindness,
Stopped breathing, stopped thinking.
Closing up my lungs, my throat,
Until I could no longer stand it.

I’m gone…
And now you regret it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poem #427

Sorry about the inconsistency of the posts. I'll try to get better about getting them up each day. I do write these poems every single day but I don't always have a chance to get them up that day because of all the other work I'm doing and things that pop up in my life. But i will post every single poem up here, usually within a few days of when they should be if they are late :) thanks for sticking with me and for all your support :) Hope you are enjoying the poems and there are so many more to come :)

What Fools
Traipsing through the fields of their love,
With the feeling of floating high above.
The birds sing out so crystal clear,
But not a sound can pass through their ear.
They are trapped in this feeling, set in stone,
And neither will travel the world alone.
Blind to the sights and deaf to all noise,
They glide through their life with love's grace and poise.
Fearing for naught as they stand strong and tall,
Not thinking of the tragedies that might befall.
A crack in the feelings, a chink in the glass,
And the sky shattered down in one giant mass.
But despite all the pitfalls love may have in store,
Us fools, we humans, shall love evermore.