Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poem #427

Sorry about the inconsistency of the posts. I'll try to get better about getting them up each day. I do write these poems every single day but I don't always have a chance to get them up that day because of all the other work I'm doing and things that pop up in my life. But i will post every single poem up here, usually within a few days of when they should be if they are late :) thanks for sticking with me and for all your support :) Hope you are enjoying the poems and there are so many more to come :)

What Fools
Traipsing through the fields of their love,
With the feeling of floating high above.
The birds sing out so crystal clear,
But not a sound can pass through their ear.
They are trapped in this feeling, set in stone,
And neither will travel the world alone.
Blind to the sights and deaf to all noise,
They glide through their life with love's grace and poise.
Fearing for naught as they stand strong and tall,
Not thinking of the tragedies that might befall.
A crack in the feelings, a chink in the glass,
And the sky shattered down in one giant mass.
But despite all the pitfalls love may have in store,
Us fools, we humans, shall love evermore.

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  1. Wonderful as usual, I do think you are doing a tremendous job keep it up,