Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poem #429

I wrote this poem based off of a song that's called "Silent Screams". I thought the concept of a silent scream would be a wonderful idea for a poem.

Silent Screaming

Words flowed out of my lips,
But not one thought crossed my mind.
Body numb, heartbeat ceased,
I stumbled aimlessly in the darkness of my head.

A language unknown was all that I heard,
Voice fumbling around for the right word.
Nothing intelligible could be found,
So I opened my mouth wide.

Pushing with full strength,
A rush of air escaped my lungs.
My head spun through the empty, black space.
Yet not a sound came out.

Panic followed this unsuccessful act,
Sending my thoughts reeling.
My lungs clenched tight, closing up,
As I continued to push against the barricade.

I screamed silently.

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