Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poem #430

Another fun rhyme :) Been doing a huge amount of writing lately and I feel great :) finally getting back into the swing of things :)

Miles To Go
I’ve got miles to go and no end in sight.
My road is lit by stars at night.
I’ve traveled long roads up and down,
While leaving a trail along the ground.
I’m running on empty with miles to go.
Where you are is farther than a stone’s throw.
But I would travel far and wide,
If only I could be back by your side.
I tried so hard to make you stay,
Yet you were determined to go away.
Though you did this, I know you still care,
Even when this large distance is there.
I couldn’t forget you; I know it was fate,
So I had to make this journey before it was too late.
And I know if I try, I will find you one day,
Even though you are miles away.


  1. Excellent, you're getting through them.


  2. Wow - poem 430 - this is discipline. There are indeed miles to go: Keep going Ari!

  3. Excellent poem, Keep up the good work.