Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem #432

New poem! :) hope you've all been enjoying them so far :) This one is a sort of metaphorical poem that I think a lot of you might be able to relate to. Enjoy!

My Jail
The strong, iron bars, a menacing black,
Trap me inside myself, never giving in.
They keep me locked up, cut off from life,
In this jail I have built up around myself.
I can’t speak the truth, can’t see the ones I love.
There is no possibility of telling them what has gone wrong.
I bottle up all my feelings deep within me,
Giving no one the chance to save me.
These words, these thoughts, are what hold me hostage.
They are the foundation of the prison,
The very fibers that build the bars and keep them sturdy.
I grab at them, pushing and pulling,
Throwing myself, my mind, against the weakest point I can find.
I get the courage to talk, speak to those I know will care.
The bars will creak, threatening to break,
So close to the point of freedom.
I reach for the future, the light ahead.
But before long, the bars snap back into place,
Launching me right back to where I began,
And forcing me to sit alone in the darkness,
Thinking about what could’ve been,
If only I was strong enough to break out of my jail.

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