Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poem #434

Yay another poem! :P haha not sure what to say about it! ENJOY :) If you guys have any suggestions for poem topics, please let me know :)

Lost in the vast space of my mind.
Closed in, lacking the fresh air I need to survive,
As the darkness surrounds me,
Absent of any sound, smell, feeling.
Completely silent; completely numb.
Nothing and no one to show me the right path to take,
Nothing at all in the large empty space.
Silence creeps in, taking over my body,
And sending a chill running throughout my system.
No source of light, no one to turn to,
Nothing that resembles a route of escape.
All unfamiliar, confusion sweeps over me,
Stopping my heart and the rush of my mind.
And as I begin to run forward, panic flooding through me,
I begin to fall, tumbling head over heels,
Deep into the oblivion of my life.

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