Monday, May 9, 2011

Poem #435

Another fun love rhyme :)

Flying On Love
We are gliding and soaring throughout the sky,
Watching the buildings as they fly on by.
Away from this world, we journey our own way,
Imagining the possibilities of each new day.
Gaze from the platform, our usual perch,
And throw ourselves forward with a sudden lurch,
Into and new life waiting ahead.
There's no other place we can go instead.
It welcomes us in with it's warm embrace,
Inviting us to make use of the vast, open space.
Our hearts beat in rhythm, as steady as can be,
And I know for sure that you belong with me.
In this new world, nothing can break us apart.
This is where are true journey will start.
Spreading our arms, as gorgeous as a dove,
We are flying through the air on the wings of love.

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