Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poem #436

I've had the chance to think up lots of new ideas for poems :) This will definitely help me finish this second year! It's getting so much harder to think up a topic. If anyone has suggestions for what I should write about, definitely let me know :)

Breathing Ice
As I drawn in a deep breath,
I am greeted with a surprise of unwanted air.
My throat rejects it, try to push it away,
But my lungs reach out to grab what they require most.
Cold, sharp nails pierce my chest,
Breaking through to the deepest layers of my soul.
Violating my heart, invading my peaceful body,
Which had been at rest just moments before.
An ice engulfs my breath,
Making my pulse speed up in a panic.
It freezes all movement inside me,
Sending my mind into a silent turmoil.
Halting the proceedings of my life,
So I am left, hanging in the dark balance of my world,
A world without sights or sounds.
A world where I cease to exist.

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