Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poem #437

Rhyming time :) You know, after I write a rhyme, I've noticed that I can't stop rhyming for at least an hour afterward! haha :)

Crystal Clear
You led me down a path; I turned a blind eye.
I never watched all the streets that went by.
The right turns to take, but not on my way,
Because I had you here, begging me to stay.
You plied me with words in a sweet and meaningful tone,
And now, after listening, I walk on my own.
The ghosts of your promises echo in my head,
Though I wish I could think of something happier instead.
I gave up everyone and everything that I knew,
Because you said you wanted me with you.
You said everything would be perfect, it all would be fine.
But my heart’s reluctance should’ve been a sign.
I should’ve put up more of a fight,
Tried to convince you what was wrong and right.
I reach for the stars to find what I’ve lost,
To push through the pain that our actions have cost.
Over and over again in my mind,
I replay our moments, not all of them kind.
And as I look back, through the thick and the thin,
I realize I should never have let you in.
From what I know now, it’s all crystal clear;
You only told me what I wanted to hear.

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