Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poem #438

New poem :)

Shattering Mirrors
Delicate panes that stand tall and wide,
Glaring menacingly into the deepest realms of your body.
They reflect the present, the past,
The times you just want to put behind you.
Nothing to hide behind, nowhere to run.
It yanks the truth from the deepest of hiding places.
No denying reality, you can’t lie to its face,
It sees right through you; it knows the truth.
Flashing back an image torn apart,
Destroyed and painful to look at.
But you cannot avert your eyes,
They are locked on this spectacle.
Spreading anger through your veins,
Bringing tears to your eyes, both from rage and joy.
Somehow it knows how to penetrate deep into your soul.
With one glance, it rips you to pieces.
Push with all your might, iron impact,
And shards rain down, lines creasing the flawless surface.
How could something so delicate, so seemingly harmless,
Cause so much destruction within the heart?

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