Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poem #440

Hearts Collide
Two open hearts crash together,
Setting of a spark and engulfing themselves in joy.
Two hearts, ready for each other,
Willing to fall into a love so deep,
Attracted together through a powerful force.
Two beating hearts collide,
Bringing to souls together, uniting as one.
Freezing all life and times,
And drowning out everything around them.
Two hearts that were made for each other,
Sent on the path planned out for them,
Seeking that connection, their destiny.
They will not rest until they have arrived,
At the place where their beloved one stands.
And two hearts, blooming with love,
Enter a world of peace, paradise.
Restoring all faith, hope, and joy to their spirits,
As the come to rest in their new life,
The place they have been tirelessly searching for.
The place they will call home.

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