Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem #447

Test Of Strength
This life is just a test of strength,
And job with no purpose I can see.
It brings me down, never raises me up,
And I watch everyone from my place on the ground.
I wish I understood exactly what life was meant to be,
So I wouldn't wander around, seeking answers,
And never knowing where I'm going; aimlessly walking.
If it's a test, I'm failing quite horribly,
Nothing ever seems to go right.
I can't fit in; I don't belong here.
And the pressure begins to weigh me down.
I can't bare so much on my crushed shoulders.
Life has left me with a broken heart, spirit, and mind,
Leaving a black hole inside my body,
Ready to suck in whatever or whoever comes too close.
Is this what was meant to be?
And if so, why did this happen to me?
This test of strength has worn me down,
Into a dust that's barely recognizable.
But I've lived enough to find companionship,
Loving family and friends who will stick by me.
So this struggle was all worthwhile.

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