Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poem #448

I Can See It

I can see it all in your eyes,
There's no need to speak a word.
And even after our feeble tries,
There will never be harmony in our chord.

I can feel it in the way you stare,
It makes my stomach churn.
But there's no way I could ever prepare,
To long for you and yearn.

I waste away with ever glance,
My heart stops in my chest.
And I will never stand a chance,
At being your only, your best.

But I can tell you think of me,
Maybe many times each day.
No matter what, I can clearly see,
You love me anyway.

Through thick and thin our love stands true,
This I know for sure.
And whatever happens, whatever we do,
You're the one I'll always adore.

For I can see it in your eyes,
The way you look at me.
After all this time, I'm growing wise,
For I see that we're meant to be.

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