Monday, May 23, 2011

Poem #449

I got this idea from one of my all time favorite songs :)

The aftermath, the calm proceeding the storm.
Broken memories, ruined treasures, are scattered around.
Thoughts of home are all that's left,
Since nothing more stands strong through the beating.
The weathered remains of a lonely face,
Stand, searching, amid the vast expanse of nothingness,
Waiting, watching for a new place to belong.
Lost souls floating through the air,
Being whisked along by the gentle breeze,
Which has taken no notice of the fallen world.
The shattered peace begs to somehow be mended,
Seeking closure, an explanation for everything unknown.
But I promise that all will be okay,
As we pull together as one.
The pain has been caused, the damage done,
But nothing will ever be beyond repair.
Don't give up hope; push forward, be strong,
For brighter days lie within your reach.
Stretch out and grab that light that shines forth,
To pull you from the sorrow of the aftermath.

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