Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem #450

Running From Life

I'm running from my life, the world, the pain.
No point in staying here; there's nothing to gain.
The love of my family and friends kept me here,
But now I've been here too long, I fear.
This world is so big and I am so small,
And mostly I feel like I'm nothing at all.

So I'll run as far as I can,

Leaving the typical life of man,
Straight to a new and distant land,
Which will welcome me, reach out a hand.
As I run further from my life,
I finally depart from every strife.

Toward a place, somewhere to call my own,

A life in which I will never feel alone.
I fly through the air, a colorful streak,
Toward some place where I'll be free to speak.

My heart pounds hard in my chest,

Begging my body to let it rest.
But I know I must press on and be strong,
So I can make it to the place where I belong.

1 comment:

  1. I have read all the poems and all are superb,
    I am a wee bit jet lagged to comment on each one.