Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poem #457

Not My Life
I deny every fact that tries to prove it true,
Because I feel the truth should come from my heart.
This world is not where I’m meant to be,
So why have I been forced in here?
I don’t fit into the life I’m supposed to lead,
I’m the wrong piece of the puzzle.
I’ve been hammered into this place by force,
But not once has someone accepted me.
Alien being to this planet, this civilization,
Because I don’t fall in with the typical crowd.
They’ve tried so hard to straighten me out,
To send me down the path they have chosen for me.
But that life mimics the dreams they once had,
The ones shattered by the twists and turns.
They want me to live the way they wished to,
Follow their dreams and ambitions, not my own.
And I can’t escape, free myself from this jail.
This is not my life; it never can or will be.
No matter how many times you repeat it,
This life will never be mine.

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