Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poem #487

Who Am I?

Who am I in this enormous world?
In the lives of my family and friends?
This dark expanse in which I have whirled,
Seems to have no ends.

Who am I to choose the path I take?
To determine how to live in this life?
I want to know, for my own sake,
Before I meet death’s sharp knife.

Who am I? I feel lost down here,
With no one on my side.
I wish I had someone to hold dear,
With whom I could abide.

Who am I? What does my life mean?
What am I supposed to do?
Am I here for some purpose unseen?
And am I meant to be with you?

Who am I in such a large space?
Do I mean anything at all?
Would you care if I left without a trace?
Or would no one even notice me fall?

Who am I supposed to be?
And why was I put here?
Should this life mean something to me?
So why do I shed a tear?

There are times when I feel lost.
But I’ll hang on and pull myself through.
This life is tough, but no matter the cost,
I know home is where I’m with you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poem #486

Welcome to Mystery
A world unseen to the naked eye.
To enter, use your imagination and try,
To picture the utopia in all its glory,
So you may journey there and write your life’s story.
It’s a place where imagination comes alive.
All your creations you make there will thrive,
In the world that feeds them, adds fuel to their fire,
A burning passion which shall never tire.
It’s an expanse of canvas on which you can write,
Lying, blank, before you, bright snowy white.
A planet unknown, a story untold,
Just waiting for life to begin to unfold.
Shading in the tapestry of existence,
One miles wide, covering all the distance,
The artwork inspired will create a new history.
You have arrived, so welcome to mystery.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poem #485

Things I Can’t Say
My thoughts are burning inside of me,
Searing my soul into a charred pile of rubble.
Words press up against my chest, into my throat,
Throbbing in time with the rhythm of my heart.
I feel full to the brim, ready to detonate,
Let the words burst from me into the ears of those I love,
Before I drown, suffocate from what holds me hostage.
The words fill up my lungs like unusable air,
Smelling musty, breaking the peace which once settled over my body.
Thoughts run through my head, sending me into turmoil,
A danger so terrible to my heart that I barely hang on,
Clinging to the last thread of my life.
With each moment, I hurt myself more,
The things I hear injure me, stab at my chest,
Slice through my skin which cries red tears.
And you know how to help me,
But I can’t seem to get through what holds me back,
That unidentified entity which obstructs my path.
I want you to hear me, to listen to what is going on inside,
To hear the things I can’t say.
But how will I ever get them out,
If something keeps holding me inside,
And draining my life with each passing moment.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poem #484

Haunted Memories

Hunting down the darkest feelings inside me.
Attacking my mind, heart and soul,
Until all that’s left are the ruins of what I used to be.
Not giving up until the pain has been uncovered,
The memories I tried to forget, brought back up.
Everything it pulls at stabs deeper into my soul.
Defiling what’s left of me, my emotions, and my life.

Memories which haunt me with every step I take,
Each movement into my future and a happier day.
My hopes have crashed to the ground,
Ones of a day when I can learn to forget.
Regretful, I remember those horrid times.
I tried to hide behind the walls I built around myself.
Every day, I wish for you to,
Stop hurting me with these,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poem #483

Love You Always
Ever since the first time we met,
You made my heart soar high.
And nothing can ever make me upset.
Now that I’m living up in the sky.

You gave me hope for a better day,
And made me see what I’m worth.
All my doubts have been cast away,
And to a new me have I given birth.

Our eyes light up at the sight of our love,
Which blossoms beyond belief.
The pure magic between us is all we talk of,
And it brings my heart such relief.

You hand fits in mine, you hold it tight,
And I feel the warmth from your soul.
And even though we try to fight,
Life can sometimes take its toll.

But between you and me, you will always be,
The one I want by my side.
And through all life’s trials, you can clearly see,
That our love has never died.

Held deep inside, it will never fade,
The feelings reside in my heart’s hallways.
And there’s nothing in this world that would be a fair trade,
So I know that I’ll love you always.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poem #482

Glass Window
A clear pane that opens your heart,
A window that looks deep into the soul.
No curtains to draw, no privacy for the emotions,
And each and every beat can be clearly seen.
You watch through that window, wanting in,
And I wish you could see I wanted you there.
But this wall, a blockade, keeps forming,
Out of habit, I push you far away.
The glass is strained and cracks begin to form,
Threatening to shatter into a million pieces,
And let my heart escape, roam free, run off without me,
Leave me behind to pick up the pieces,
Which cut at me; bleed the tears from my eyes.
And though I struggle to keep myself hidden,
You push and fight for the door,
And see me for who I truly am and what I hid deep down.
You will not let me go, will not let me get away,
No matter how far I run from you,
You continue to fight to save me from myself,
And pull me into the protection of your arms.
And though I resist your love and care,
I am more grateful than you will ever know,
And I love you behind that glass window into my soul.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Poem #481

Falling Apart

I’m falling to pieces and breaking apart.
My hope is gone, I’ve lost all heart.
My life is stuck with nowhere to turn.
I can’t go back; that bridge has burned.

You sent a crack through my foundation,
And I can’t stop my chest’s painful sensation.
I plunged to the ground in a pile of ash.
To think you loved me was obviously brash.

I fell from the sky where I used to float high,
And never once thought that I’d say goodbye.
You forgot how much I once meant to you,
And once you did that, we were through.

You used to say our souls could not part,
That our love was an intricate work of art.
I will never forget the feelings we shared,
Hearts running free, doing whatever they dared.

But no matter what’s happened, I’ll always be there,
Even though what you did wasn’t very fair.
I’m here for you whenever you call,
And I can try to ignore sorrow’s pall.

Because, even though you made me fall apart,
You’re heart was with me right from the start.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poem #480

Finger Painting
Dipping your fingers in the colorful paint,
The cold, substantial liquid filling in around the dent,
Engulfing your hand in its vivid embrace.
The blank canvas lies before you, waiting patiently,
Ready to absorb the artistic touch for your fingertips,
And to pull the dye deep inside it.
It imprints a work, and captured scene of the world,
And hangs onto the very essence for years.
You withdraw your tinted finger from the depths,
Imagination burning in the very tip, through your entire arm,
Ready to inspire a beautiful work of pure creativity.
Your hand flies over the white field,
Preparing the thoughts which reside deep in your soul.
Pressing down onto the open page,
You feel the minuscule speed bumps of the rough surface,
The color flooding into every nook, every alcove.
The lines ride a roller-coaster of emotions,
Filling the lonely road with feeling and purpose.
The different shades blend together into the perfect tone,
The patterns bleed into the perfect shape,
And you inhale the joy which emanates from the page,
And warms your heart with every touch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poem #479

Peace Falls

The blanket of calm which we have prayed for so long,
Has finally taken residence among us,
Covering every inch of our vast, tumultuous world.
A wave of joyful emotion, a restful silence,
Sweeps in over the hearts and minds which reside here.
It will pull us from the home we once knew.

We heed the call of the new day which dawns,
A hopeful look toward a fresh life, unknown.
The darkness disperses, dissolves into light,
Which brings us that glimmer that sets us in motion.
We will heed the call that comes from above,
Taken over, driven by our unwavering strength.

Those fallen will be raised up once more,
And the ruins of previous destruction will be restored.
Reach up and grab the outstretched hand,
Which will pull you up into the promised land.
The skies send out the signal to all,
That our trials have ended and peace will fall.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem #478

Torn Wings
Tear sent through the gently crafted wings,
They fall apart into pieces, still as intricate as before.
The seams have been torn, the flawlessness destroyed,
But they never lose their constant beauty.
The ability for flight has been lost forever,
With no way to leave the ground and enter the sky.
Stuck, falling into a rut with nowhere to go,
And no one there to grab your hand to pull you out.
You’ve lost control, spiraled down from the air,
Leaving the atmosphere you once resided in.
Outcast in the world you once knew,
And cast out of your former life.
Beautiful wings, so perfectly detailed,
So gorgeous sparkling in the sunlight of the day.
Crystal tears begin to fall down our cheeks,
As we know we shall never see them again.
But the memory of those beautiful wings, though torn,
Will never take wing from our minds,
As your freedom has from you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Poem #477

Warm Memories

Moments of happiness, joy and love,
Overflowing with the warmth of a healthy life.
The moments you shared, so perfect and pure,
Light up your heart with each passing second, hour, year.

Flashing with excitement and emanating from bliss,
Which seeps into the lives of all surrounding bodies.
Beautiful wings, so intricate, sparkling like crystal,
Sprout from my body and lift me toward Heaven.

I fly through the clouds, into the clear blue,
Which holds each instant in its own personal box.
A master key for each and every one,
Waits within my mind, ready to perform its duty.

Soar through each one on the wings of a dove,
Feeling that wonderful joy stemming from love.
Prying deep into the recesses of my very mind,
And finding each emotion I nearly forgot.

My veins burst with the passions of my past,
The life which I once held so dear and close.
Never forgotten, and never will be,
Lingering for all eternity, no matter how far I roam.

I will always come back to where I began,
To where my world was built, the very foundation.
I will never break free of my strong roots,
Nor do I ever wish to, for then I shall forget,
All these warm memories.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poem #476

Love You, Hate You
I love the time we spend together,
The way we laugh with twinkling eyes.
I hate the fact that we’re birds of a feather,
And we end up in fights no matter how hard we try.
I love the way you hold me in your arms,
The warmth of your body up against mine.
But I hate the way you use your charms,
On others beside me, and act like a swine.
Yet I love your bright and sparking smile,
The sound of your laugh ringing through the air.
I hate when we don’t talk for a while.
Your constant mood changes make me pull my hair.
My knees go weak when I look at you,
And my heart pounds hard against my chest.
But when I am angry, my heart doesn’t know what to do,
And it begs my mind to give it a rest.
With you, I never want to part.
I love you with ever fiber in me.
I hate you for what you do to my heart.
Because, with you, I’m the best I can be.
But even though I hate you so,
I love you more than you will ever know.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poem #475

Paper Dolls

Figures made up of thin, yet strong paper,
The pure joy they convey will never taper.
They smile at you with a painted-on face,
An expression which time will never erase.
Held tight within two tiny, young hands,
Which follow all of imagination’s commands.
They will never be caught looking like a mess,
As those fingers will always choose the right dress.
Full of bright colors, so neatly filled in,
With petite features and a dimpled chin.

Choosing any sort of scene to portray,
The hands will have them put on a play.
They construct a mansion of cardboard walls,
In which to place these paper dolls.
They lie there for years, lost little toys,
But what never dies out is their irreplaceable joys.
And many moons later, you open the door,
And there, fallen down on the thin wooden floor,
Lie those friends which you missed from so long ago,
The familiar faces which you shall always know.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Poem #474

Grandma’s House
Visiting grandma is a wonderful treat,
Because she is always so kind and sweet.
She gives you a hug the moment you walk in,
And then the fun will suddenly begin.
She gives you a snack to start off the day,
Then it’s time to relax and play.
You pick out your favorite game,
Your choice of them is always the same.
Then onto the couch to watch some TV,
The funniest show we could possible see.
The day begins to end; the sun starts to set,
But you’ve made memories you’ll never forget.
You cuddle up against her favorite soft blouse.
It’s always a great day at grandma’s house!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poem #473

This is a poem that I wrote with a friend of mine from Inkpop, Ed Michael Neal :) He wrote stanza's 1,3, and 5 and I wrote stanza's 2,4, and 6. :)

It’s the crack of dawn in Asphalt Square,
As the man meets the Summer’s glare.
Through tired eyes and bottled drink,
He doesn’t have time to stop and think,
About anything that’s just a pipe-dream.
He doesn’t have room for pride or esteem.

The sun sheds light on the grimy streets,
A sorrowful chronicle of Life’s defeats.
He ponders about what the world has become,
Since Emotion left him, since he became numb.
He’s given up hope for a better day,
So he sits in contemplation, his Dog astray.

“Excuse me mate, have you got any change?”
A dollar and sixty-three cents; a poor man’s wage.
It may seem tedious, but it’s his only chance;
All you offer him is your over-the-shoulder glance.
Yet he still says “God bless you” and you feel it slice.
That could have been you with another roll of the dice.

The Unforgiving earth rejects this poor soul,
And he sinks down into Torment’s black hole.
We run through our lives, without a thought nor a care,
To this other existence, so lonely, so bare.
You take for granted all that you own,
Having never slept upon a bed of stone.

It’s over, the end of the day draws near
He makes a decision, “over here.”
As he builds his Cardboard Mansion
With the common sense of Apprehension
He looks at his old friend, who wags his tail;
His coat is matted and his frame is frail.

The dark blanket of night settles over us all,
And with this comes the typical pall,
Wrapping itself ‘round the man’s sullen heart,
Which has been tossed around and torn apart.
But throughout all the turmoil and strife,
He still refuses to live by the knife.

He thinks to himself, “If time is borrowed,
To whom could I possibly owe my loan?”

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poem #472

Frozen shards of our pain and sorrow,
Hardening over our hearts, piercing them deep down.
A mist which floats around our very souls,
Hovering directly in the path toward our future.
A fog which has settled over our minds,
Clouding our thoughts, inescapable, never lifting.
Like frosted glass, translucent, nearly opaque,
Is what our eyes have changed into,
Glazed over with a distant haze of torment,
A look which pulls us away from reality.
Transformed into solid ice, tall stone figures,
We are paralyzed with haunting looks upon our faces.
Yanked fiercely, relentlessly from those we love,
Never to walk in the footsteps of our former selves.
Yet your hand, forever glued into mine, warms me,
As we begin our final journey together,
Lying beneath the frostbitten trees with crooked branches,
Amid the fresh blanket of peaceful white.
Numbness has taken control of us both,
But I still feel you there, by my side,
Riding with me to our new home above the clouds.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poem #471

Fantasy Life

If only we could live in a fairytale land,
One I could love and more easily stand.
But you aren’t a king and I am no queen,
And neither of us rules any land that I’ve seen.

If only our world could be sprinkled with magic,
Bringing joy and peace and nothing quite tragic.
But we’ll never live that life, so royal,
Fighting dragons with our comrades most loyal.

If only we mingled with mythical beasts,
And dined at large tables for beautiful feasts.
But we’re stuck where we are with nothing to do,
Struggling each day to barely get through.

If only we lived in a castle, strong and tall.
You’d be the prince charming I met at the ball.
But that lie of luxury is far beyond our reach,
And we desperately cling to the world like a leech.

If only we could imagine it all,
And it would be enough to build the castle walls.
But I realize now what I never knew,
My fantasy life is anywhere with you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Poem #470

Jar of Hearts
A priceless glass bottle which holds your loves,
The hearts you collect on your wide rampage.
Each one glows bright as you first place it in,
But soon, that beauty and feeling is drained,
Until each delicate piece turns a drab gray.
They all symbolize a moment of pure enticement,
A promise too wonderful to let slip through ones fingers.
You think you have all the right words, the perfect moves,
To make this horrible trade of yours be alright,
Never thinking of what you’re doing to anyone but yourself.
“It makes you happy; that’s what matters,” you always say,
Solely to justify you actions to your mind and soul,
You run through the world, leaving destruction in your wake,
Ripping wide, black holes into our chests,
Ones which suck all feeling until all is numb and cold.
You tear apart the meaning of love, turning it bitter,
As you fill your jar with hearts which can never escape,
And break from the sadness and confinement of their jail.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poem #469

Pure Memories
Memories, so clear inside the realms of your mind,
Clean, untainted by Time’s soiled hands.
Thoughts that stick with you through each new day,
Ones to relive, to bring back the happiness of old moments.
Crystal clear in your heart, mind, and soul.
Ghosts of that past life to pull you back in time,
Carrying you on a journey first taken long ago.
Unharmed memories, not broken apart by the world’s torment,
Not shattered into pieces, cracked at their foundations.
Creating a clear, streak-free window into a previous life.
An unaltered story of your own history,
Not a single page yellowed; a book with no musty smell.
A time capsule, never wearing with the years gone by.
Not hours nor minutes can touch even the surface.
These pure memories shall remain untarnished,
Staying with you from here through all eternity.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poem #468


Your hand grips mine in a tight embrace,
Creating memories I will never erase.
Your fingers fit perfectly between each one of mine.
Just like our hearts, they are perfectly entwined.

You pull me closer into your side,
Showing me there are no feelings to hide.
We are spun together, the perfect fit,
The connections between us, so beautifully intricate.

Wrapped around every aspect of the other's life.
Strong bonds that can't be severed by reality's sharp knife.
Our love like yarn, weaves into a beautiful design,
Showing me that you'll always be mine.

The world has shown us we were mean to be,
So as long as I have you and you have me,
We'll live together so happily,
As we write the lines of our gorgeous harmony.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem #467

Black and White Memories
Thoughts play out throughout your mind like an old movie,
No color, grainy pictures of those times which seem so far off.
Flown back into the days which held so much you loved,
Lived out through the thin slips of smoothly textured paper,
Or flickering reels which documented the past in a mind-blowing way.
All two-toned, two dimensional, but still as clear as day in your heart.
And though these memories are black and white,
The emotions you recall will fully color every part of that world,
The musty scents, dusty feelings, all bringing new life to what seemed lost forever.
And even when the memories shades begin to fade into oblivion,
You'll still have to power to bring back the deepest fibers that build them,
And manipulate it back to its former self,
So you can dive right in and relieve your black and white memories.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poem #466

Possibly one of the most difficult states of mind to have.
Outlooks and perspectives are reset, changed for the better.
Spinning your mind around to see the happier side of everything.
It will bring joy to your life when looking from this new angle.
Taking those bad aspects and changing your perception of them,
Initiating the mindset where ever moment is an experience to learn from.
Variation in emotion from your typical reactions to events.
In your heart, a peaceful bliss will begin to take over.
The world will be brightened with a light of pure hope.
You just need to try and think about the positives.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poem #465

100th poem of the second year!!!! :D

You put on your façade, so glossy and smooth,
And begin to think you have all the right moves.
You swear not a soul can see through this skin,
But I know what’s hidden there, deep within.
You think you’re so graceful and hide it so well,
But there are many people who can easily tell.
You aren’t who you say you are, life led with lies.
You won’t last much longer in this suffocating disguise.
This cover is destructive to your body and soul,
And you’re digging yourself into an ever deepening hole.
Set yourself free for once, spread your wings,
And you could experience so many new things.
People will like you for who you really are,
And if not, they are never worth your time by far.
But your stubborn ways keep you stuck in this life,
One of torment, of struggle and internal strife.
You trick people into thinking your life is fantastic,
When truly, you are just a fake made of plastic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poem #464

The smooth surface, scarred by a few rough scratches,
A scrawl with a meaning to close to the heart.
These words, carved so deep, are the promise you made,
In a form that can never be erased.
A reminder to both our mixed up heads and broken souls,
That’s meant to hold us steady on our path of life.
Though we may collide with the abundance to obstacles,
We still have that guarantee, whittled into that object,
And carved deep into our minds.
And it will stand tall, as I pray we will too,
As well as the hope for our everlasting love.
The twisting foundation wrapped into the earth,
Grown from the seed which bloomed so fast,
Blossoming into life and affection itself, right before our eyes.
We our bound together by the wooden carving,
Only to be erased by time when it’s ready to take it away,
And no earthly force can tamper with the immortal strength,
Which has been placed upon it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Poem #463

Smashed to pieces, irreplaceable memories and beauty,
Have been taken away from the world forever.
After being so close, connected to one’s soul,
The tiny, sharp shards will poke at the heart,
Tearing it into painful shreds of what used to be.
Every piece rips open the past,
Resurrecting old feelings pushed far from the mind.
Each broken second pulls you further in and,
Deep within yourself, you’ll find what was truly,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem #462

Lost Innocence
Those big, glistening eyes stare up to you,
Twinkling with the joys of a young life.
Sparkling with youth that lights up the world,
And touches the hearts of all those around.
Innocent child, so untouched, so pure.
Not yet forced into the rush of life.
Taking it slowly, enjoying every passing second,
And knowing how to make the most of every moment.
Each moment excited, nothing can go wrong,
And that smile is not easily wiped away.
But soon, that childish innocence is lost,
Ripped from the tiny grasp which clung to it.
Torn from the worry free world they once lived in,
And thrown directly into the turmoil of life.
The sparkle and glisten leave the eyes,
Replaced with the sunken darkness of reality.
Perfection lost, and the utopia fades away.
But the sun still rises and sets each day.
The same family and friends still love.
Maybe happiness, the feelings of a child,
Maybe they still exist somewhere out there.
And that brings hope to those innocent eyes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem #461

Deadly Secrets
Deadly secrets, harbored deep within the soul.
Stemming from the darkest recesses of the mind,
Where all the emotions have been pushed out of the way,
To fester, to come together in one heap.
Secrets never to be shared, or so you thought.
As they proceed to rip you to shreds within,
Creating tears through the center of your heart,
And begin to fall into their darkness,
Engulfing all remains of your former self.
You become invisible, disappear off the earth,
Losing yourself among the torment inside you.
Torn from the lives of your family and friends,
Trapped inside, away from all who can save you.
No one to turn to, no hand to grab onto.
As you spin around in the turmoil,
Never knowing when or if it will end,
You lose all hope, falling deeper into despair.
The blackness grows larger, wider.
The pain begins to feel more intense,
And suddenly, everything is gone,
As you are swallowed once and for all,
With no way out to ever come your way.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Poem #460

Fingers press down on the keys,
Typing whatever words they please.
Small, black letters shoot onto the page,
The clear, white canvas that is their stage.
Dancing along, they’ve a story to tell,
A tale to entertain all is what they spell.
The fingers fly around at a very quick pace,
Hurrying as if they are involved in a race.
As the words come together, the paper will sing.
The hand slides the top at each high-pitched ding.
The end of the paper is coming up soon,
And the writer is working by the light of the moon.
The final sound escapes the machine,
And the hand pulls the paper from in between,
The two black bars at the very top.
You have found the perfect place to stop.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poem #459

Number The Leaves
Number the leaves which fall from the trees,
Carpeting the ground on which we tread.
The various colors they spread through the world,
As they change on their yearly journey.
They crunch beneath our moving feet,
While we move over the gorgeous landscape.
The lovely colors of the season bring joy to our hearts,
As we stare out at them, hand in hand.
Number the leaves, my darling, for me,
The ones scattered about this perfect sight.
The delicate features, lines so intricate,
Like part of a painting, picture perfect.
They release a window into the soul of nature,
Pulling us into their captivating image.
They swirl around us, blown by the wind,
Each individual leaf taking on a life of its own,
And closing us in their warm embrace.
So we must sit here within the peace,
And number all the leaves.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poem #458

Wandering around, in a mental daze,
My entire head floats about in a haze.
I can’t see through the thick, gray mist,
And as I walk my heart fills up with whist.
I stumble around with no aim in mind,
And everything appears so hard to find.
I’m walking in smoke; the scent fills my nose,
And wherever I end up, that’s where it goes.
I can’t escape this delirious state,
But I have to find a way out before it’s too late.
The fog engulfs me, tires to swallow me whole,
And it keeps getting darker the further I stroll.
The hazy blanket begins covering my heart,
The only thing keeping me from falling apart.
I fall to my knees with a blank stare,
And wish that crystal clear skies where there,
So they might save me from my haze,
And clear me out of my mental daze.