Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poem #444

Another love and hope poem :)

Who Cares?
Who cares what I do in my life?
How I struggle to remain on the right path,
And make it through each day unscathed.
Does anyone pay attention to what is wrong?
How I’m falling deeper into darkness,
Breaking apart with each passing second.
Does anyone consider reaching out?
Grabbing my hand to pull me back,
And save me from what threatens to swallow me whole.
I need to find someone who cares,
Someone to rescue me from the recesses of my mind,
And whisk me away, back into the light.
Who cares enough to not let me live like this?
Who cares enough to hold me close, comfort me?
Who cares enough to save my life?
He gently, timidly, turns to me and whispers,
“I do.”

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