Friday, May 20, 2011

Poem #446

Ten More Days
Ten more days to make memories,
Create times of joy together.
Nine more days to experience the world,
See everything I never thought I would.
Eight more days to breathe in the smells of life,
The wafting perfumes of the entire earth.
Seven more days to show you I love you,
To be in your warm, strong embrace.
Six more days to hold onto your hand,
To feel the comforting squeeze you always give me.
Five more days to smile, to laugh,
To join in the joyfulness all around us.
Four more days to feel those feelings,
The ones which hold my heart on its wild ride.
Three more days to taste the many tastes,
The flavors of the entire world around us.
Two more days to show them I care,
To let them know how much I love them.
One more day to see your face,
Memorize each and every detail,
So I can hold onto you wherever I go.

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