Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poem #459

Number The Leaves
Number the leaves which fall from the trees,
Carpeting the ground on which we tread.
The various colors they spread through the world,
As they change on their yearly journey.
They crunch beneath our moving feet,
While we move over the gorgeous landscape.
The lovely colors of the season bring joy to our hearts,
As we stare out at them, hand in hand.
Number the leaves, my darling, for me,
The ones scattered about this perfect sight.
The delicate features, lines so intricate,
Like part of a painting, picture perfect.
They release a window into the soul of nature,
Pulling us into their captivating image.
They swirl around us, blown by the wind,
Each individual leaf taking on a life of its own,
And closing us in their warm embrace.
So we must sit here within the peace,
And number all the leaves.

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