Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem #461

Deadly Secrets
Deadly secrets, harbored deep within the soul.
Stemming from the darkest recesses of the mind,
Where all the emotions have been pushed out of the way,
To fester, to come together in one heap.
Secrets never to be shared, or so you thought.
As they proceed to rip you to shreds within,
Creating tears through the center of your heart,
And begin to fall into their darkness,
Engulfing all remains of your former self.
You become invisible, disappear off the earth,
Losing yourself among the torment inside you.
Torn from the lives of your family and friends,
Trapped inside, away from all who can save you.
No one to turn to, no hand to grab onto.
As you spin around in the turmoil,
Never knowing when or if it will end,
You lose all hope, falling deeper into despair.
The blackness grows larger, wider.
The pain begins to feel more intense,
And suddenly, everything is gone,
As you are swallowed once and for all,
With no way out to ever come your way.

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