Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem #462

Lost Innocence
Those big, glistening eyes stare up to you,
Twinkling with the joys of a young life.
Sparkling with youth that lights up the world,
And touches the hearts of all those around.
Innocent child, so untouched, so pure.
Not yet forced into the rush of life.
Taking it slowly, enjoying every passing second,
And knowing how to make the most of every moment.
Each moment excited, nothing can go wrong,
And that smile is not easily wiped away.
But soon, that childish innocence is lost,
Ripped from the tiny grasp which clung to it.
Torn from the worry free world they once lived in,
And thrown directly into the turmoil of life.
The sparkle and glisten leave the eyes,
Replaced with the sunken darkness of reality.
Perfection lost, and the utopia fades away.
But the sun still rises and sets each day.
The same family and friends still love.
Maybe happiness, the feelings of a child,
Maybe they still exist somewhere out there.
And that brings hope to those innocent eyes.


  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful post... =D
    Mr Lonely from ~ XD

  2. I love the full circle; you have one view at the beginning and switch towards the end. It really gets you thinking! Good job and keep writing!