Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poem #465

100th poem of the second year!!!! :D

You put on your façade, so glossy and smooth,
And begin to think you have all the right moves.
You swear not a soul can see through this skin,
But I know what’s hidden there, deep within.
You think you’re so graceful and hide it so well,
But there are many people who can easily tell.
You aren’t who you say you are, life led with lies.
You won’t last much longer in this suffocating disguise.
This cover is destructive to your body and soul,
And you’re digging yourself into an ever deepening hole.
Set yourself free for once, spread your wings,
And you could experience so many new things.
People will like you for who you really are,
And if not, they are never worth your time by far.
But your stubborn ways keep you stuck in this life,
One of torment, of struggle and internal strife.
You trick people into thinking your life is fantastic,
When truly, you are just a fake made of plastic.

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