Friday, June 10, 2011

Poem #467

Black and White Memories
Thoughts play out throughout your mind like an old movie,
No color, grainy pictures of those times which seem so far off.
Flown back into the days which held so much you loved,
Lived out through the thin slips of smoothly textured paper,
Or flickering reels which documented the past in a mind-blowing way.
All two-toned, two dimensional, but still as clear as day in your heart.
And though these memories are black and white,
The emotions you recall will fully color every part of that world,
The musty scents, dusty feelings, all bringing new life to what seemed lost forever.
And even when the memories shades begin to fade into oblivion,
You'll still have to power to bring back the deepest fibers that build them,
And manipulate it back to its former self,
So you can dive right in and relieve your black and white memories.

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