Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poem #471

Fantasy Life

If only we could live in a fairytale land,
One I could love and more easily stand.
But you aren’t a king and I am no queen,
And neither of us rules any land that I’ve seen.

If only our world could be sprinkled with magic,
Bringing joy and peace and nothing quite tragic.
But we’ll never live that life, so royal,
Fighting dragons with our comrades most loyal.

If only we mingled with mythical beasts,
And dined at large tables for beautiful feasts.
But we’re stuck where we are with nothing to do,
Struggling each day to barely get through.

If only we lived in a castle, strong and tall.
You’d be the prince charming I met at the ball.
But that lie of luxury is far beyond our reach,
And we desperately cling to the world like a leech.

If only we could imagine it all,
And it would be enough to build the castle walls.
But I realize now what I never knew,
My fantasy life is anywhere with you.

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