Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poem #472

Frozen shards of our pain and sorrow,
Hardening over our hearts, piercing them deep down.
A mist which floats around our very souls,
Hovering directly in the path toward our future.
A fog which has settled over our minds,
Clouding our thoughts, inescapable, never lifting.
Like frosted glass, translucent, nearly opaque,
Is what our eyes have changed into,
Glazed over with a distant haze of torment,
A look which pulls us away from reality.
Transformed into solid ice, tall stone figures,
We are paralyzed with haunting looks upon our faces.
Yanked fiercely, relentlessly from those we love,
Never to walk in the footsteps of our former selves.
Yet your hand, forever glued into mine, warms me,
As we begin our final journey together,
Lying beneath the frostbitten trees with crooked branches,
Amid the fresh blanket of peaceful white.
Numbness has taken control of us both,
But I still feel you there, by my side,
Riding with me to our new home above the clouds.

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