Monday, June 20, 2011

Poem #477

Warm Memories

Moments of happiness, joy and love,
Overflowing with the warmth of a healthy life.
The moments you shared, so perfect and pure,
Light up your heart with each passing second, hour, year.

Flashing with excitement and emanating from bliss,
Which seeps into the lives of all surrounding bodies.
Beautiful wings, so intricate, sparkling like crystal,
Sprout from my body and lift me toward Heaven.

I fly through the clouds, into the clear blue,
Which holds each instant in its own personal box.
A master key for each and every one,
Waits within my mind, ready to perform its duty.

Soar through each one on the wings of a dove,
Feeling that wonderful joy stemming from love.
Prying deep into the recesses of my very mind,
And finding each emotion I nearly forgot.

My veins burst with the passions of my past,
The life which I once held so dear and close.
Never forgotten, and never will be,
Lingering for all eternity, no matter how far I roam.

I will always come back to where I began,
To where my world was built, the very foundation.
I will never break free of my strong roots,
Nor do I ever wish to, for then I shall forget,
All these warm memories.

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