Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poem #478

Torn Wings
Tear sent through the gently crafted wings,
They fall apart into pieces, still as intricate as before.
The seams have been torn, the flawlessness destroyed,
But they never lose their constant beauty.
The ability for flight has been lost forever,
With no way to leave the ground and enter the sky.
Stuck, falling into a rut with nowhere to go,
And no one there to grab your hand to pull you out.
You’ve lost control, spiraled down from the air,
Leaving the atmosphere you once resided in.
Outcast in the world you once knew,
And cast out of your former life.
Beautiful wings, so perfectly detailed,
So gorgeous sparkling in the sunlight of the day.
Crystal tears begin to fall down our cheeks,
As we know we shall never see them again.
But the memory of those beautiful wings, though torn,
Will never take wing from our minds,
As your freedom has from you.

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