Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poem #479

Peace Falls

The blanket of calm which we have prayed for so long,
Has finally taken residence among us,
Covering every inch of our vast, tumultuous world.
A wave of joyful emotion, a restful silence,
Sweeps in over the hearts and minds which reside here.
It will pull us from the home we once knew.

We heed the call of the new day which dawns,
A hopeful look toward a fresh life, unknown.
The darkness disperses, dissolves into light,
Which brings us that glimmer that sets us in motion.
We will heed the call that comes from above,
Taken over, driven by our unwavering strength.

Those fallen will be raised up once more,
And the ruins of previous destruction will be restored.
Reach up and grab the outstretched hand,
Which will pull you up into the promised land.
The skies send out the signal to all,
That our trials have ended and peace will fall.

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