Friday, June 24, 2011

Poem #481

Falling Apart

I’m falling to pieces and breaking apart.
My hope is gone, I’ve lost all heart.
My life is stuck with nowhere to turn.
I can’t go back; that bridge has burned.

You sent a crack through my foundation,
And I can’t stop my chest’s painful sensation.
I plunged to the ground in a pile of ash.
To think you loved me was obviously brash.

I fell from the sky where I used to float high,
And never once thought that I’d say goodbye.
You forgot how much I once meant to you,
And once you did that, we were through.

You used to say our souls could not part,
That our love was an intricate work of art.
I will never forget the feelings we shared,
Hearts running free, doing whatever they dared.

But no matter what’s happened, I’ll always be there,
Even though what you did wasn’t very fair.
I’m here for you whenever you call,
And I can try to ignore sorrow’s pall.

Because, even though you made me fall apart,
You’re heart was with me right from the start.

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