Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poem #482

Glass Window
A clear pane that opens your heart,
A window that looks deep into the soul.
No curtains to draw, no privacy for the emotions,
And each and every beat can be clearly seen.
You watch through that window, wanting in,
And I wish you could see I wanted you there.
But this wall, a blockade, keeps forming,
Out of habit, I push you far away.
The glass is strained and cracks begin to form,
Threatening to shatter into a million pieces,
And let my heart escape, roam free, run off without me,
Leave me behind to pick up the pieces,
Which cut at me; bleed the tears from my eyes.
And though I struggle to keep myself hidden,
You push and fight for the door,
And see me for who I truly am and what I hid deep down.
You will not let me go, will not let me get away,
No matter how far I run from you,
You continue to fight to save me from myself,
And pull me into the protection of your arms.
And though I resist your love and care,
I am more grateful than you will ever know,
And I love you behind that glass window into my soul.

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