Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poem #483

Love You Always
Ever since the first time we met,
You made my heart soar high.
And nothing can ever make me upset.
Now that I’m living up in the sky.

You gave me hope for a better day,
And made me see what I’m worth.
All my doubts have been cast away,
And to a new me have I given birth.

Our eyes light up at the sight of our love,
Which blossoms beyond belief.
The pure magic between us is all we talk of,
And it brings my heart such relief.

You hand fits in mine, you hold it tight,
And I feel the warmth from your soul.
And even though we try to fight,
Life can sometimes take its toll.

But between you and me, you will always be,
The one I want by my side.
And through all life’s trials, you can clearly see,
That our love has never died.

Held deep inside, it will never fade,
The feelings reside in my heart’s hallways.
And there’s nothing in this world that would be a fair trade,
So I know that I’ll love you always.

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