Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poem #485

Things I Can’t Say
My thoughts are burning inside of me,
Searing my soul into a charred pile of rubble.
Words press up against my chest, into my throat,
Throbbing in time with the rhythm of my heart.
I feel full to the brim, ready to detonate,
Let the words burst from me into the ears of those I love,
Before I drown, suffocate from what holds me hostage.
The words fill up my lungs like unusable air,
Smelling musty, breaking the peace which once settled over my body.
Thoughts run through my head, sending me into turmoil,
A danger so terrible to my heart that I barely hang on,
Clinging to the last thread of my life.
With each moment, I hurt myself more,
The things I hear injure me, stab at my chest,
Slice through my skin which cries red tears.
And you know how to help me,
But I can’t seem to get through what holds me back,
That unidentified entity which obstructs my path.
I want you to hear me, to listen to what is going on inside,
To hear the things I can’t say.
But how will I ever get them out,
If something keeps holding me inside,
And draining my life with each passing moment.

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