Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poem #487

Who Am I?

Who am I in this enormous world?
In the lives of my family and friends?
This dark expanse in which I have whirled,
Seems to have no ends.

Who am I to choose the path I take?
To determine how to live in this life?
I want to know, for my own sake,
Before I meet death’s sharp knife.

Who am I? I feel lost down here,
With no one on my side.
I wish I had someone to hold dear,
With whom I could abide.

Who am I? What does my life mean?
What am I supposed to do?
Am I here for some purpose unseen?
And am I meant to be with you?

Who am I in such a large space?
Do I mean anything at all?
Would you care if I left without a trace?
Or would no one even notice me fall?

Who am I supposed to be?
And why was I put here?
Should this life mean something to me?
So why do I shed a tear?

There are times when I feel lost.
But I’ll hang on and pull myself through.
This life is tough, but no matter the cost,
I know home is where I’m with you.

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