Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poem #464

The smooth surface, scarred by a few rough scratches,
A scrawl with a meaning to close to the heart.
These words, carved so deep, are the promise you made,
In a form that can never be erased.
A reminder to both our mixed up heads and broken souls,
That’s meant to hold us steady on our path of life.
Though we may collide with the abundance to obstacles,
We still have that guarantee, whittled into that object,
And carved deep into our minds.
And it will stand tall, as I pray we will too,
As well as the hope for our everlasting love.
The twisting foundation wrapped into the earth,
Grown from the seed which bloomed so fast,
Blossoming into life and affection itself, right before our eyes.
We our bound together by the wooden carving,
Only to be erased by time when it’s ready to take it away,
And no earthly force can tamper with the immortal strength,
Which has been placed upon it.

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