Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poem #518

Sacrificing, giving something up for the love of someone or something.
Allowing yourself to just let go, give something up.
Creating new ways to work around what has been lost.
Relinquishing an old habit or routine in respect of someone else.
Inviting in new experiences to fill the empty spaces.
Forgetting something previously a part of our life for someone else’s sake.
Intent on new beginnings, a fresh and compromising way of life.
Countless times in our lives, we are given this opportunity.
Each and every day, we have the chose to make a,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poem #517


I have been searching far and wide,
To get a hero by my side.
One, not afraid to do a good deed,
Or save me in my time of need.

I’m waiting for you to take my away,
Soar in and fly me to a better day.
Defend me from evil wherever we go.
You’re the person I’m dying to know.

Triumph over evil; protect all that’s good,
Saving the world just as you should.
And later, at night, I feel safe in your arms,
Enclosed in love and safe from all harm.

Never will you be a zero.
You’re amazing to me; you’re my kind of hero.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Poem #516

Soul Killer

What once brought me joy and excitement,
Has turned on my, like everyone else.
The bright light that shone right before me,
Has been ungracefully extinguished, cancelled out,
And now fills the space with a deathly, dark pall.

                                    Forgotten are the times when my heart used to soar,
The sight of your face bringing my inexplicable pleasure.
Now a dark cloud overpowers us all,
And those times are lost on the frigid winds,
That I feel taking over every inch of my body.

                                    A sharp dagger, taken in the heart of my happiness,
The dissipation of my soul has commenced all at once,
Because of the words you used against me so often.
You sit back and smile, watching your work,
As inside, I slowly feel myself die.

                                     We are falling into the pit, the murky depths of life,
Past the smooth walls with nothing to grab onto,
And our souls float up, in the opposite direction,
Toward the light above us, and into the distance,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poem #515

Under the wide cover when the skies turn to gray,
Making people run from the streets into the shelter of buildings.
Blocking you from the tears that pour from the sky,
Rivers washing down over the whole Earth.
Endless, clear streams of water, soaking the streets, the grass.
Leaking between the cracks in the sidewalks, creating puddles.
Letting the water roll down over the sides, past you,
And remaining dry beneath the protection of the,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poem #514

Deepest Blue

Rolling, turning, the blue deep churning,
Sharp salt burning within my throat.
Yanking, splashing, waves keep crashing,
My limp limbs thrashing all about.

Rising, falling, endlessly sprawling,
Large hills crawling away from land.
Shrinking, swelling, never quelling,
While spelling out my impending doom.

Gulping filling, constantly thrilling,
Sloshing and spilling into my lungs.
Gripping, strangling, around my legs, tangling,
While I am wrangling with all my fears.

Grabbing, dragging, as if they are bragging,
About their weight sagging down on me.
Ripping, tearing, never sparing,
Wearing down my outpouring of strength.

Turning black, no chance to go back,
The waves give slack and let me sink.
Frigid, rushing, against my face, brushing,
Lulling and hushing me into a sleep.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Poem #513


Sharp words spoken with haste.
Shining daggers, sparkling lines of pain,
Rip through the thin veil of air,
The invisible, yet weighted curtain surrounding us.
Phrases with no meaning, no structure to their name.
Pungent with falsehoods, intent to inflict sorrow.
Racing against light to the open ear, and eagerly received.
Quick to be believed, lack of substance denied.

The tide of accusations flood over all,
Tugging them into its churning waters.
Each story they tell pulls them all deeper,
And each inch they sink gives then fuel.
Readily following the flow of chaos,
They feel the delight from the tales they weave.
The high they receive from the gain of power,
To ruin a life that will never cross their minds.

And all too easily forgotten, a human soul,
Another's life, hidden beneath the chaotic whirl.
Spun around, yanked about, torn apart,
Held close to curious eyes, prying orbs.
Scrutinized, each moment carefully captured,
So as to provide a horrid tale for others.
And so lost is the broken soul, tearful heart,
Which writhes in the torment of human's morbid pastime.

To be accused, places on the rocky edge,
Where all that's offered is a view of the dark chasm,
The ragged cliff to show your unfortunate destiny.
And not one voice begins to inquire,
Can these statements of others be trusted?
For one must search tirelessly for the truth,
If one wines to know the truth,
And the wrongly accused shall be saved.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Poem #512


Deep in the realms of the darkest consciousness,
Alluring, full of false promises that raise curiosity.
Recalling long lost memories from the depths of the mind and,
Killing the visions of the bright, outside world of hope.
Engulfing the senses in the nonexistent tunnel to nowhere.
Sans feeling and sound, nothing in sight.
Testing the limits of the light-less oblivion.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poem #511

I Can Only Dream

I wish to float up high forever,
Over tender, airy currents above.
Grab your hand and float together,
The ideal place to cultivate love.

My beating heart pounds in my chest,
As, over the clear blue sky, we reign.
And I'll never tire nor stop to rest,
For endless power surges through my veins.

Slender, delicate wings spread die,
As I escape what weighed me down.
And within my heart, our freedom will abide,
Getting us farther away from my home ground.

Among the clouds of wispy white,
Reveals the deepest desires of my heart.
And the singing birds listen to my plight,
Begging this dream land to never part.

The way I feel seems so cliche,
In a world that will always be fake.
But now that I'm here, this is where I'll stay,
If not for myself, then for your sake.

And though the impossible makes tears stream,
All I can truly do, for now, is dream.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Poem #510


Excitement welling within me, racing heart playing the,
Xylophone of my ribs with the thoughts of what's to come.
Cobwebs dusted from the forgotten corners of emotion,
Instantly freeing the shadows into the newly awakened dawn.
Tingling through my bones, adrenaline rush through the veins.
Endless new realms of feelings released from their cages.
Moments to look forward to finally lie ahead on the darkened road.
Each one of my senses heightened, filled with pleasure, and I am,
Never wanting to relinquish the grasp which I currently have on,
This wonderful joy that takes over my whole heart and soul.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Poem #509

Prince and Princess

In a castle that rises up so tall,
With beautiful features and strong stone walls,
A prince and a princess live within the halls,
Listening to all the beautiful bird calls.

The royal couple is quite a sight.
They throw many a ball which lasts all night,
And when she awakes with a terrible fright,
He holds her close, his love shines bright.

They met long ago on a lovely spring day.
As young children, they began to play,
And became great friends in this very way.
Making memories that are there to stay.

They meet beneath the shade of a tree,
Locked in embrace, as happy as can be.
He sits on a stump, she on his knee.
Their love is something one can plainly see.

Out in the woods among the birds and snails,
They ride their steeds up the dirt trail.
These are the moments they will regale,
Because their love is the perfect fairytale.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poem #508

People work had their whole lives for a good chance,
Reaching for a goal, a world that glistens in the future.
Opening the door into a brighter world.
Sparing not one thing, true living will soon begin,
Presenting you with opportunities for a prosperous life.
Endless possibilities will begin to flow your way,
Reaping new rewards with you truly needed.
Instigating a new and joyful way of live for you.
Treating the world with the kindness it deserves.
You have all you need to live a full life of,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poem #507

Torn Pages

The ragged edges of a broken thought,
Recklessly torn away from the book.
The black scribbles are ripped down the middle,
Then made illegible in the tightly clenched fist.
The words that tell of days past,
Ones that have all washed together, a blur, a smudge,
Memories that the mind begs to forget.
Peel the words, strip them out of existence.

The force breaks the binding of the little, tattered book,
Causing the spine to crack more than it already has.
Years of use have worn down the fragile covers,
And the brittle pages fall easily apart.
The past crumbles down in tiny chunks,
Sending its emotions, moments, all over the floor,
Swept up by the wind as it blows through the room,
And tossed aside, no one chasing after them.

You let the words fall, let the memories be destroyed,
Filled with a feeling of power, and exponential amount of joy.
Thinking you’re finally free, free of the heartache,
The times which haunted your mind, never leaving you alone.
Rest has finally come, relief from the terror of the past.
But the air doesn’t feel fresher, your mind unchained.
Because those moments stay with you, relentlessly following,
And torn pages cannot tear them away.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poem #506

Our Castle

Our castle stands ever-tall and strong,
Providing a place for us to belong.
And when I’m with you, nothing can go wrong.
True affection like this will last so long.

The foundation is love between you and me,
The strongest cement you ever will see.
A plan we once carved into the trunk of a tree,
Now sprung to life, what we hoped it would be.

The beautiful structure floats up on high,
Among the clouds adorning the sky.
And you give me wings to make me fly,
So we can stay here and watch life go by.

This house is a testimony to our love,
A display of strong feelings which we are proud of,
With walls built high and lined with doves.
Our own forever, a home beloved.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Poem #505

Today's my birthday :D I'm now 17!!

Holding Hands
Since the very first time our hands intertwined,
I felt the spark of perfection.
My fingers fit neatly in between yours,
And we filled in all the empty spaces.
It made my heart warm to have your hand in mine,
Pulling me out of the cold to which I had been confined.
You turned my world around with that one simple touch.
My arm began to tingle with the feelings of warmth,
Which spread over my whole body, took over my mind.
You masked all my senses but the feelings of love.
It was you and me, the only two people.
All else was a blur; we were alone.
But with your hand in mine, I was no longer on my own,
No more need to feel lonely while I had this moment.
And even now that you’ve release your grip,
I can still feel the imprint of your touch,
Imagine the sight of us, connected together.
And I smile, as the feelings swell up in me once again,
The emptiness is banished, the blank space filled.
We will always be holding hands.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poem #504

Today's my uncle's birthday! :D Happy birthday!

Riding on the force, a disturbance in the placid blue,
In the water, tiny waves form and travel outward,
Pealing out from the center, away from disruption.
Purpose in mind, they forge ahead in ever diminishing size.
Listing off into the distance as they begin to disappear,
Into the dark expanse where they will soon stop to rest.
No longer visible, traveling unseen.
Going on their way to rejoin the forming calm.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poem #503

Break Free

I want to fly free from what holds me down,
Bend my knees and push off from the ground.
Then soar like a bird and fly with the breeze,
Straight through the clouds and over tops of trees.

You had a tether surrounding my mind,
And my true self was something I could never find.
You held me trapped within your control,
Like a prisoner with no hope of parole.

You made me think there was nothing more,
No new moments that life had in store.
You blocked out the truth from my innocent eyes,
And I couldn’t break free no matter how hard I tried.

But I finally gained the strength that I need,
And I tore away and was finally freed.
For once I can see the world that’s real,
Taking the necessary time to heal.

And now I have room to spread my wings,
To experience the world and try new things.
You can’t hold me back because now I’m free,
And I can be who I was meant to be.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Poem #502


How does it feel to lose something in your life?
An important part of you is ungracefully torn away,
Causing the firm ground to crumble under your feet,
So there is no longer anything solid, reliable, beneath you.
It leaves you hanging, floating in a wide expanse of emptiness,
While you wander around, mind and soul numb.
Never knowing if you will ever settle, come to rest, find a home.

How is it fair? Why does it happen?
Instead of making me grow, I shrink into nothingness.
Part of me has gone missing, beyond the realms of my world,
And I can’t reach out to pull it back.
I spin through the darkness in my mind,
The shadows of the past which cloud my vision,
And the ghosts which haunt my every move.

I feel the hole in my heart, the missing piece of the puzzle,
The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach,
And the tight pull of emotions in my chest.
I lost you before I was ready to let you go.
You were swept away and I was not by your side.
Each time I think, I breathe, I see your face before me,
And I fall to pieces; I lose myself as well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poem #501

Spread your wings, let yourself float toward the sky.
Kissing the tops of the trees with your dangling feet.
You ride on the cool breeze which rustles through the life below you,
Wandering farther, turning all you knew into tiny specks.
Away you go, higher than you ever could’ve imagined,
Reaching up toward the stars that dot the deep black.
Denying all reality so that you can travel,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poem #500

Woo hoo!! 500th Poem!!

Story Untold

Sit down, let me tell you a story of old,
One that has, up till now, been untold.
So listen close, let the story unfold,
And continue a tradition you must be sure to uphold.

A magical tale which I like to think of,
A man and a woman fell truly in love.
Their hearts joined together, flew high like a dove,
And they hovered up there, just floating above.

Their world was perfect, not a single flaw,
But something persistent began to gnaw,
Attacked the man with its devilish claw,
Which filled him with fear and made him withdraw.

And one day they suddenly fell down from on high,
When he turned and ran without a goodbye.
And all she could do was sit down a cry,
Until all her tears went completely dry.

He wandered around with a pain in his chest,
Never letting up or permitting a rest,
And he finally saw how his life had been blessed.
So he abandoned his path on another quest.

Each step became faster and soon he ran,
Back to the place where it all began.
He thought of that woman in the dress of cyan,
For whom he longed, for which his eyes scanned.

And when he found her, his heart filled with glee,
The most beautiful sight that he ever would see.
And I know she returned his love equally,
For I know that woman; that woman was me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poem #499

Turn Off the Stars
Past the time when colors splashed through the sky,
Blending together into pleasing shades before our eyes.
After the shining orb which glows up high,
Sunk beneath the surface on which we walk,
Taking with it the brightness which lights our way.
When the sky has turned a deep black,
Blanketed by an endless expanse of nothing,
Which closes us in, protects us in our world.

Tiny white dots adorn the formerly empty space,
Shedding mysterious beams onto the earth,
And gathering us up into its entrancing glow.
But what if one could flip a switch,
Suck the light from the bulbs placed delicately above.
Turn off the stars so everything went dark,
Where all was unseen, invisible to the unaided human eyes.
What if we were all plunged into an empty night?

The safety, assurance that a light was there to guide us,
Something familiar to hold tight to in the unfamiliar murkiness.
The rays which once shone down upon us,
Would no longer be there to illuminate the truth,
To rid us of the places where shadows lurk, waiting.
Then maybe you would finally see,
For once, feel what it was like to be me, all those years ago,
When you left me behind, turned off the stars.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Poem #498

We bask in the glow of the flame before us,
Enclosing the heat into one tight-knit circle.
The wind blows dark shadows into the creases of our faces,
Creating mysterious expressions as we tell tales,
Stories not meant for the faint of heart.
The air is tinged with the hints of summer,
Flown in on the tiny wings of insects,
Exploring the light we formed.
Small, white cylinders poked with sticks in our hands,
We lean into the fire, watching their structure disintegrate,
Until it is melted mess of delicious pleasure.
And the fire casts out a light, warm and welcoming,
Inviting all friends into its midst,
To sit together and become one in front of the campfire.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poem #497

Swept Away

The water engulfs me, swallows me whole,
Engulfing me in its powerful darkness.
Sharp, icy daggers pierce straight into my soul,
And wrench my heart from my very chest.
I am tossed and turned, whipped through the abyss,
As I struggle to raise myself back to the surface.

I ride ever faster through the winding road,
Past sharp, rough rocks which tear at my skin.
And throw me away like a piece of trash,
While I fly over them as they break up my path.
There’s no one out there to reach my outstretched hand,
And pull me back to safety on the firm ground.

And, tired from my struggle, I lie back to rest,
Letting myself melt into the strong current.
I give my body up to the intense, deep swells,
And let my lungs fill with this salty potion.
It rips at my throat, brings me no peace,
And in seconds, my body gives up its fight.

I was swept away into the watery grave,
Never to surface out of my eternal, quiet sleep.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Poem #496

Bound Together
Bound together like the spine of a book,
Spelling out the story of our lives, what we share.
The words blossom on the page, riding the wind,
Which blows them over the turning pages.
Our hands held tight, our fingers weaved into the other’s,
Spun together like the threads of a homemade quilt.
Every stitch spells out a timeless tale of our love,
A song from the heart, sung for all generations to hear.
Our hearts are tied together, sealed with a kiss,
Like a package, wrapped up with love and care, tied with a bow.
It’s ready to be unwrapped, released into the world and shared.
A beautiful present, one which money could never by.
Our love is like a gorgeous painting, colors flowing perfectly together,
Creating a work of art, a picture of indescribable beauty,
As our love is so strong, created in a way which has no words.
There is no earthly force that is powerful enough to tear us apart,
To separate the strong bonds which hold us in love.
And nothing can take me away from your arms,
As long as we are forever bound together.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Poem #495

Happy Birthday to my friend Liz :D 
Perfectly Imperfect
We all tend to believe we are completely flawed,
As if all is wrong, must be fixed into something new.
One gets lost in the tumultuous would we live in,
The words of society which runs our very lives.
They pull us into the depressing darkness of our minds,
Thrashing us about to make us lose hope.
Becoming convinced that we must change ourselves,
Tear our bodies apart; shred the evidence of our former beings,
Until we have become unrecognizably fake faces,
Souls which roam without any home in which to reside.
We rip off the appearance which we were meant to have,
Throw it away in exchange for a delicate porcelain façade,
Something we hide our true selves behind.
But what we never understand is what we are getting rid of,
The person we were meant to be, one more perfect.
Something society will never mention in its rampage,
Is that our imperfections make us perfect.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poem #494

Inventing new problem solving techniques as you work.
Never giving up until the task has been completed.
Very focused on the one goal which you are trying to reach.
Evaluating all the information you have recently uncovered.
Sensing the deeper meaning of each piece of evidence.
The work never ceases, nor does the mystery and intrigue.
Investigating the world around you, combing the surroundings thoroughly.
Getting straight to the work, not waiting around.
Attacking the problem head on, not stopping for anything.
The end of the road is in sight as you continue,
Inspecting every angle, every possible solution, direction.
Opening new pathways to lead you closer to the answer.
Nothing can get in your way during your,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poem #493

Ride the Wind

Spread your arms as the wind blows by,
Suddenly feeling as if you could fly.
The air sends a refreshing scent through my nose,
Which runs through my body and spreads to my toes.

I bend my knees and push off the ground,
And I’m swept to the sky and spun around.
Then riding forward above tall trees,
I hang on tight to the flow of the breeze.

Feeling so free in the wind’s cool embrace,
Soaring through beautiful wide open space.
Twirling around in the happy feeling,
I can fly as high as I want, there’s no ceiling.

Riding the wind into a world far away,
I feel that I’ll be reaching a much better day.
I drift through the sky, off into the night,
Where I land to rest and end my flight.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poem #492

Love in the Rain

The skies rumble with a noise that echoes in one’s chest.
The clouds expand through the clear blue,
Sucking the color from it, draining it into a deep gray.
Tears pour down from the heavens to the earth,
Soaking the pavements, deep into the grass and dirt,
And blanketing the world in a saddening darkness.

Not a soul strays into the streets,
And all stands still, not movement to be seen.
Pools of darkness form in the streets,
Untouched lakes growing larger by the second.
It’s as if the world has been abandoned on its journey,
Enclosed in a melancholy which no one can bare.

But we are the only ones who locate the joy,
The romance beneath the gloomy exterior.
We run in the deserted expanse of city, hand in hand.
Our feet splash within the frozen puddles,
As we dance along with our fast, beating hearts,
Pulled together in the peace of the moment.

We spin around, dodging in between the raindrops,
Our spirits feeling young and free in this joyful moment.
And our view of the scene is much different than others,
As each raindrop carries a renewal of our feelings,
Refreshing the love we share as they open upon our faces.
And we fall into each other’s arms, bound together forever.

We can always find love in the rain.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Poem #491

If Only She Knew

If only she knew what he felt in his heart,
The way that it sunk when they were apart.
If only she knew right where his heart lay,
And know that he thinks of her every day.

If only she knew how he longed to protect,
To save her from those who left a harming effect.
If only she knew he wanted her in his arms,
To hold her tight and safe from all harm.

If only she knew how he loved her so,
And would give anything to let her know.
If only she knew he would do anything for her,
Bring her back home to where they once were.

And if only he knew how she felt all this too,
The he brought joy to each day and pulled her through.
If only she knew he would travel forever,
To find her once more so they could be together.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Poem #490

Today's my friend Michelle's birthday! :D Happy Birthday! :D <3

Unattractive quality, to be sure.
Never satisfied with what you already possess
Greed overtakes your entire life,
Running your world, making you grab for more.
Always wanting more without giving thanks for what you have.
There is nothing that is good enough for you, it seems.
Each and every day you beg for more,
Forgetting those less fortunate that you are,
Until you become as invisible as you treat them,
Left behind by all those you know because you were,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poem #489

Up in the Air

Life’s strong hands grasp my fragile arms,
Tugging each stick toward a new path.
Wind blows from every corner of the Earth,
Swiftly sweeping me through the hours, seconds.

My heart and mind, divided into different pieces,
Sliced up and spread too thin.
Intricate strings lace me together into a single being,
And no one can see past this solid façade.

I balance each aspect with deceiving grace,
With a calm attitude, a hopeful outlook.
Surreptitiously spinning around in the prevailing turmoil,
From which I try, to no avail, to break my spirit free.

I hold the keys in my tense hands,
Tossing them into the air, practicing my routine.
I juggle, performing for the multitude of creatures,
Those which paw and prod me to be flawless.

The glint in their eyes, the gleam of their sharp, bared pearls,
Show the hunger for success which they thrust upon my shoulders.
My mind begs them to relieve me of their piercing watch,
So life can be mine to hold a secret once more.

Another side of my world watches me with a peaceful gaze,
Loving and caring, what I have wished for.
They pull me into a protective embrace,
One which warms my broken heart, mends the hurt.

I drift toward them, the promises and freedom they hold,
And the secrets which only I am privy to.
Spending equal time with the brawling forces,
Clandestinely destroys the spirit I once had, pulling off my mask.

One side tugs my mind, the other my heart,
And my very seams threaten to split apart.
A magnetic force, beyond the lengths of my minimal control,
Creates an adhesive which will never wash away.

I have multiple lives to live, different people to be,
And not one place which I can call home.
Where can I rest my head to fall asleep?
And is there a reason why I float in endless oblivion?

I hang in the balance, tied up in the air,
Not knowing if my feet will ever touch the ground.
But the only way to please the ones I love so dearly,
Is to tear myself to shreds.

My life is up in the air and there is so far to fall,
And I can’t hold my balance any longer.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Poem #488

Grateful for all that you posses in this life.
Every moment provides you a chance to reach out.
Never selfish, it’s not in your character.
Each day is a new day to share your good fortune.
Receiving all the joy you need from seeing others smile with your,
Open heart and kindly nature.
Spending your time taking care of those around you.
In a world that moves so fast and people get lost,
There you are, to let them know you see them there.
You believe in practicing your,