Monday, June 27, 2011

Poem #484

Haunted Memories

Hunting down the darkest feelings inside me.
Attacking my mind, heart and soul,
Until all that’s left are the ruins of what I used to be.
Not giving up until the pain has been uncovered,
The memories I tried to forget, brought back up.
Everything it pulls at stabs deeper into my soul.
Defiling what’s left of me, my emotions, and my life.

Memories which haunt me with every step I take,
Each movement into my future and a happier day.
My hopes have crashed to the ground,
Ones of a day when I can learn to forget.
Regretful, I remember those horrid times.
I tried to hide behind the walls I built around myself.
Every day, I wish for you to,
Stop hurting me with these,

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