Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poem #486

Welcome to Mystery
A world unseen to the naked eye.
To enter, use your imagination and try,
To picture the utopia in all its glory,
So you may journey there and write your life’s story.
It’s a place where imagination comes alive.
All your creations you make there will thrive,
In the world that feeds them, adds fuel to their fire,
A burning passion which shall never tire.
It’s an expanse of canvas on which you can write,
Lying, blank, before you, bright snowy white.
A planet unknown, a story untold,
Just waiting for life to begin to unfold.
Shading in the tapestry of existence,
One miles wide, covering all the distance,
The artwork inspired will create a new history.
You have arrived, so welcome to mystery.

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