Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poem #489

Up in the Air

Life’s strong hands grasp my fragile arms,
Tugging each stick toward a new path.
Wind blows from every corner of the Earth,
Swiftly sweeping me through the hours, seconds.

My heart and mind, divided into different pieces,
Sliced up and spread too thin.
Intricate strings lace me together into a single being,
And no one can see past this solid façade.

I balance each aspect with deceiving grace,
With a calm attitude, a hopeful outlook.
Surreptitiously spinning around in the prevailing turmoil,
From which I try, to no avail, to break my spirit free.

I hold the keys in my tense hands,
Tossing them into the air, practicing my routine.
I juggle, performing for the multitude of creatures,
Those which paw and prod me to be flawless.

The glint in their eyes, the gleam of their sharp, bared pearls,
Show the hunger for success which they thrust upon my shoulders.
My mind begs them to relieve me of their piercing watch,
So life can be mine to hold a secret once more.

Another side of my world watches me with a peaceful gaze,
Loving and caring, what I have wished for.
They pull me into a protective embrace,
One which warms my broken heart, mends the hurt.

I drift toward them, the promises and freedom they hold,
And the secrets which only I am privy to.
Spending equal time with the brawling forces,
Clandestinely destroys the spirit I once had, pulling off my mask.

One side tugs my mind, the other my heart,
And my very seams threaten to split apart.
A magnetic force, beyond the lengths of my minimal control,
Creates an adhesive which will never wash away.

I have multiple lives to live, different people to be,
And not one place which I can call home.
Where can I rest my head to fall asleep?
And is there a reason why I float in endless oblivion?

I hang in the balance, tied up in the air,
Not knowing if my feet will ever touch the ground.
But the only way to please the ones I love so dearly,
Is to tear myself to shreds.

My life is up in the air and there is so far to fall,
And I can’t hold my balance any longer.

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