Monday, July 4, 2011

Poem #491

If Only She Knew

If only she knew what he felt in his heart,
The way that it sunk when they were apart.
If only she knew right where his heart lay,
And know that he thinks of her every day.

If only she knew how he longed to protect,
To save her from those who left a harming effect.
If only she knew he wanted her in his arms,
To hold her tight and safe from all harm.

If only she knew how he loved her so,
And would give anything to let her know.
If only she knew he would do anything for her,
Bring her back home to where they once were.

And if only he knew how she felt all this too,
The he brought joy to each day and pulled her through.
If only she knew he would travel forever,
To find her once more so they could be together.

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