Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poem #492

Love in the Rain

The skies rumble with a noise that echoes in one’s chest.
The clouds expand through the clear blue,
Sucking the color from it, draining it into a deep gray.
Tears pour down from the heavens to the earth,
Soaking the pavements, deep into the grass and dirt,
And blanketing the world in a saddening darkness.

Not a soul strays into the streets,
And all stands still, not movement to be seen.
Pools of darkness form in the streets,
Untouched lakes growing larger by the second.
It’s as if the world has been abandoned on its journey,
Enclosed in a melancholy which no one can bare.

But we are the only ones who locate the joy,
The romance beneath the gloomy exterior.
We run in the deserted expanse of city, hand in hand.
Our feet splash within the frozen puddles,
As we dance along with our fast, beating hearts,
Pulled together in the peace of the moment.

We spin around, dodging in between the raindrops,
Our spirits feeling young and free in this joyful moment.
And our view of the scene is much different than others,
As each raindrop carries a renewal of our feelings,
Refreshing the love we share as they open upon our faces.
And we fall into each other’s arms, bound together forever.

We can always find love in the rain.

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